Aguila Launch at The Paramount

Drink, Eat, Events, Play, Sydney / 28 August 2013

It’s almost certain that you’re in for a good time when your first escapade for the night is snapping a picture with a real life donkey. Yes, that actually happened.
Sunday night was the launch of Aguila Beer, now available in Australia, and it took place at The Paramount in Surry Hills. It was a Colombian Fiesta like no other; certainly the perfect start/end to the week whichever way you look at it.
Now, back to the donkey. Upon entering The Paramount, guests were greeted by the delightful donkey, Chelsea. I, perhaps a little too excitedly, wanted to get as many pictures with her as possible in various poses (and this was before I’d drunk copious bottles of Aguila).  I had my fiesta hat on and nothing was going to stop me and Chelsea from having a good time. How can a party not be spectacular when you get to meet and greet and snap a pic with a donkey in the suburban streets of Surry Hills?
After saying goodbye to Chels, we made our way into the building, but not without a few shots of aguila tequila first. The heavy beat of the Colombian drums and maracas lured us in to our Colombian home for the night, featuring a plethora of green, red and yellow streamers, flashing strobes, street carts hanging with fruit and bottles of aguila beer, a confetti corner and a live band and DJ. It was like a South-American street party, but you know, it was inside, and in Sydney, Australia. Nonetheless, I felt like I could have been partying in Colombia, with my pet donkey, empanadas, sombrero and my aguila beer.
Once we’d ate our way through delicious cheesy bread sticks and delicious empanadas, we took to the dance floor and let our inhibitions loose as we stomped our feet and swayed our hips to that sexy Latin beat. Joined by Colombian dancers, the fiesta was in full swing and party-goers were having a fantastic time (and it wasn’t just the aguila talking).
I certainly ‘Vive la vida Colombiana’ (lived life Colombian) on Sunday night and for one am truly excited about aguila becoming available here. I’m not much of a beer girl but aguila is quite light and crisp, and now I am hooked.
Muchos Gracias to all who were involved in making the fiesta a true success!
Photo courtesy of Life Without Andy.