Ace Hotel Opens Luxe Accommodation In Sydney

Play, Sydney / 29 September 2021

Book in some R&R at Ace Hotel’s first Australian quarters in Surry Hills.

Sydneysiders love to take a holiday in their own backyard and who could blame us? With an array of luxury accommodation options and impressive restaurants to visit, we have everything we need right here in the city. If you’ve managed to tick all the must-visit accommodations (including Little National & Paramount House) off your bucket list, you can now add Ace Hotel which is setting up its first Australian outpost in Surry Hills.

Ace Hotel has a history of providing opulent accommodation worldwide. The brand was founded in Belltown, Seattle in 1999 and has since expanded its offering to Portland, New York, Plam Springs, Kyoto and more. The hotels are known to reimage urban spaces and embrace local culture, and that’s exactly what they’ve achieved with the new location.

Ace Hotel Sydney is housed in Surry Hills’ historic Tyne House brick factory, home to one of Australia’s first ceramic kilns. The hotel design and interior are inspired by the rich history from the razor gang wars and underground liquor trade of the 1920s, to the modernist art boon of the 1960s and the Gay Solidarity Group protests of the 1970s. The design and interiors embrace organic materials and a warm colour palette reflecting the Australian landscape. Multi-award-winning designers and architects from Melbourne, Design Flack, were able to achieve alchemy of culture and design to create something truly special in Surry Hills.

The centre of the hotel is the community and it has been designed with this in mind. All levels including the ground floor, lobby and rooftop have restaurants, bars and cafes where people can gather over fine food and beverage. Plus, the rooftop has impeccable views of the city so you can stay up late drinking under the stars.

Ace Hotel Sydney is now taking reservations, but we suggest getting in quick. High season rates start from $359 per night, a competitive price for Sydney accommodation.

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