17 Iconic Dishes Every True Sydneysider Should Have Tried

Eat, Food Guide, Restaurants, Sydney / 29 May 2020

How many of these top-notch Sydney dishes have you ticked off your list?

So, you call yourself a Sydney foodie? Let’s put you knowledge to the test! Here are 17 iconic oh-so-Sydney dishes every local foodie should have tried. Send this guide to a fellow foodie to see who ends up with the best score! Nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, right?

Iconic Sydney Dishes

1. Buffalo Dining Club’s Cacio è Pepe

How can you go wrong with cheese and carbs? This classic dish from Darlinghurst’s Buffalo Dining Club is a must-try: featuring just salt, pepper, olive oil and parsley mixed in a pecorino cheese wheel ($25). Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

2. Ester’s Blood Sausage Sanga

Take your snag to the next level with the gourmet creation. Head to Chippendale’s favourite neighbourhood bar and restaurant Ester to score one of their iconic blog sausage sangas (just $9 a pop). Find out more here.

iconic Sydney dishes

3. Cho Cho San’s Prawns in Kombu Butter

Bringing the flavours of Japan to Potts Point, we can’t go past including Cho Cho San’s prawns in kombu butter in this list. One of our favourite seafood dishes in the city! Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

4. The Apollo’s Sizzling Saganaki

Fried cheese? Yes please. You can’t go past The Apollo’s sizzling saganaki, one of this neighbourhood Greek restaurant’s most iconic dishes. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

5. Mary’s Classic Mary’s Burger

If there was ever a burger to queue for, this would be it. Packed with O’Connor grass-fed beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and all the trimmings, the Mary’s burger is one every true Sydney foodie should have tried. Find out more here.

Speaking of burgers, check out our contributor’s top picks for the best burgers in Sydney here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

6. Black Star Pastry’s Strawberry & Watermelon Cake

Dubbed the world’s most Instagrammed cake, Black Star Pastry’s iconic Strawberry & Watermelon has grown from a wedding treat to a daily indulgence for Sydney foodies. Layered with almond dacquoise, rose-scented cream and watermelon, and topped with strawberries, pistachios and dried rose petals, it’s light, fruity and delicious. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

7. Rising Sun Workshop’s “The Dark” Ramen

For a huge from within, we can’t go past a nourishing bowl of Rising Sun’s “The Dark” ramen. The Dark is a Shoyu, the Broth is made with chickens, pork bones, shiitake and smoked hocks. The Tare is roast chicken infused with soy sauce. Topped with Kurobuta belly, black fungus, shroom, bamboo, egg, blackened onions and nori. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

8. Toko’s Kingfish with Yuzu

For something light and refreshing, Toko’s sliced kingfish with yuzu and chives is a must-try. Expect melt-in-your-mouth seafood that packs flavourful punch. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

9. Continental Deli’s Gourmet Sambos 

Before you scroll past thinking this is just a regular sandwich, think again. The crew from Newtown’s Continental Deli have stepped up the sambo game with a range of wholesome sandwiches packed with top-notch cheese, charcuterie, pickles and more. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

10. 10 William Street’s Pretzel

Paddington’s 10 William Street is one of our city’s best date night spots. And no dining experience at 10 William Street would be complete without a plate of whipped bottarga and a perfectly cooked pretzel. Some might say, it’s the ideal entree. We would agree. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

11. The Chicken Shop’s Rotisserie Chicken

For those nights when you want someone else to do the cooking, you can’t go past a delicious feed from Paddington’s The Chicken Shop. Taking chicken shop eats to the next level, this takeaway joint’s juicy rotisserie chicken is the perfect midweek meal. So good, you’ll want to pretend you made it yourself. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

12. Golden Century’s Pippies with XO Sauce

As Golden Century’s signature dish, every true Sydneysider needs to have enjoyed a plate of XO Pippies from this iconic seafood restaurant. In fact, this delicious dish has inspired the group to launch XOPP, a new restaurant dedicated to celebrating this signature dish. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

13. Don’t Tell Aunty’s Curry Tasting Platter

With a menu as diverse as Surry Hill’s Don’t Tell Aunty, why pick just one dish? With a menu of rule-breaking Indian flavours, their curry tasting platter (served as part of their Chef’s Tasting Menu) brings together some of their signature dishes in one epic dose. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

14. Dimitri Pizzeria’s Brussel Crowe Pizza

There’s a lot of great pies in Sydney, but this one has to be one of the best. Served up by the crew from Darlinghurst’s Dimitris Pizzeria, the Brussle Crowe delivers every you want from a pizza: a creamy white base, wood-roasted Brussel sprouts, sweet caramelised onion, herbs, crispy free-range pancetta and finished with heapings of parmigiano-Reggiano. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

15. Totti’s Woodfired Bread

Speaking of wood-fired eats, no one can call themselves a true Sydney foodie without having chowed down on this piping hot number. Bondi’s casual Italian eatery, Totti’s is renowned for its wood-fired bread, cooked to perfection every time. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

16. Iceberg’s The Iceburger

Served at one of Sydney’s most picturesque venues, Bondi’s Icebergs have nailed the beachside dining experience. One of our top picks from their Terrace has to be the classic ‘Icerburger’, loaded with Grilled Beef, Cheese, Sauce, Lettuce, Onion & Tomato. A classic for a reason. Find out more here.

Iconic Sydney Dishes

17. Bistecca’s Bistecca alla Fiorentina

And the round out this list, we couldn’t forgo a mention of one of the best steaks in Sydney. All foodies need to have tried the Bistecca alla Fiorentina from the subterranean steak house, Bistecca. You’ll never want to order another steak again. Find out more here.

Do you have any suggestions for some of Sydney’s most iconic dishes? Get in touch with us by emailing newsletter@eatdrinkplay.com to nominate your favourite dish!