These Smash Rooms Let You Break Stuff With A Baseball Bat

Cool Sh*t, Play / 17 April 2018

Unleash your pent up printer rage thanks to The Break Room and Smash Brothers, two innovative demolition zones.

As your office printer flashes ‘paper jam’ for the fifth time on your Monday morning, have you ever fantasised about hurling a bat at it? Well now is your chance, with smash rooms taking both Melbourne and now Sydney by storm.

It was back in 2016 that Collingwood was first gifted The Break Room, giving frustrated Melbournians the opportunity to smash up everything from crockery to glassware. Since its inception, the concept has received raving testimonials from those involved, who’ve said it’s like breaking a taboo. Other’s have reported that it’s a great way to express your creativity with many artworks and sculptures evolving.

Starting from $50 per person, a session in The Break Room is perfect for date night, or helping a friend through a breakup.

Now it’s Sydney’s turn to get breaking stuff, with The Smash Brothers popping up in Kogarah for three months. Opening its doors on Saturday 21st April, punters will be able to smash up everything from printers to televisions, glassware, fridges and even computer monitors (sign us up).

A single break room booking costs $40, and includes a crate of breakable items plus 10 minutes of allocated smash time. If you’re looking to bring along a stressed out companion, you can alternatively opt for a double break room booking for $70. This experience includes two crates of items perfect for smashing plus two mystery items! Be warned though, only 1 person is allocated in the smash room at a time, so make sure you decide who’s going first.

Keen to see what’s involved? You can watch a piece of The Break Room action in Melbourne below.


Smash Brothers – SYDNEY
Unit 2 / 1 Phillips Road, Kogarah NSW, 2217

The Break Room – MELBOURNE
29 Budd Street, Collingwood, VIC, 3066