The Break Room

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 22 March 2016

A new place in Melbourne has just opened up and it’s giving a whole new meaning to “having a break.”
Entrepreneur Ed Hunter heard the calls of the frantic, unlucky-in-love or just plain stressed people of Melbourne, looking for a PG13 outlet for their stress. And he replied with The Break Room. 
A cafe space turned demolition-zone, it hopes to cure your stress with it’s simple cure. You are given a baseball bat 6 plates, 6 wine glasses, 6 cups, 1 carafe and given a free pass to smash the hell out of them! It apparently gives you more stress-relief than a gym session or an intense squeezing of your stress ball hidden in your desk drawer.
For $50, you get ten minutes to swing about and for $95 you get half an hour, with some rubber gloves, a jacket and a choice of headgear and of course, a baseball bat.
There are raving testimonials from many involved, who said it’s like breaking a taboo. Other’s have reported it’s a great way to express your creativity with many artworks and sculptures evolving.
The space has just moved from hip cafe Kines in Brunswick to Collingwood Mastercraft, a warehouse space in Collingwood.
Feeling stressed? Maybe Melbourne’s got the cure.
The Break Room 

29 Budd St, Collingwood VIC

Book at website here