Slideapalooza is coming to a city near you.

Play / 16 January 2017

Introducing Slideapalooza, the ultimate giant slip n’ slide water party.

Stop what you’re doing, it’s time to cast your mind back to your childhood. Did it ever involve creating an extremely precarious yet totally epic waterslide in you or your mates’ backyard? For those young and young at heart, a large plastic tarp plus dishwashing liquid plus a functional hose equated to hours of belly laughing, adrenaline pumping fun. Slideapalooza has ramped this humble summer pastime up a notch, with a weekend long summer party filled with giant waterslides, epic food stalls and guaranteed good vibes.


Three of the longest waterslides in the world, reaching 300-400 metres in length, plus a 100 metre three lane Slip’n’Slide for the kids, will be set up all over Australia. The Hunter Valley marks the first pit stop for the the Slideapalooza team. It’s from there that the event will move to Canberra, followed by Townsville, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

Just in case you get sick of sliding all day long (unlikely), there will also be other fun activities like water balloon battles for big kids and obstacle courses for the little ones.


Tickets are now on sale for the Hunter Valley event which will  be kicking off next Friday January 27 till Sunday January 29. Prices for kids aged 15 years and younger range from $29.95-$34.95. Prices for adults aged 16 years and older are $69.95. Family passes are also available, at a price of $159.95 for two adults and two children. There will be two appointed session times per day.  The morning session will run from 9am to 12pm. The afternoon session will run from 1pm to 4pm.

Tickets and the precise locations of Slideapalooza in all remaining cities will be released very soon!

For all the information you’ll need, and to buy tickets, make sure you visit the website here 

Get in quick to avoid disappointment!