Golden Gaytime meets Glitter Unicorns

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Sydney / 16 January 2017
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Golden Gaytime meets Glitter Unicorns

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Sydney / 16 January 2017

A Golden Gaytime pop-up is popping up in Topshop

Turns out, there is a God after all. Through sickness and health, the legends at Streets Ice Cream have given us the life-medicine that Golden Gaytime is, and there is no stopping them now. After bringing us tubs of the famous Golden Gaynetto, they have now taken it to the next level with the “Crumb Shed”.

The “Crumb Shed” is to be opened as a pop-up addition in Topshop Topman, both in Sydney and in Melbourne. Offering dream-like additions and twists to the iconic biscuit crumb delight, the “Crumb Shed” is expected to draw a drooling crowd.

From edible glitter to popping candy and pretzel bits to salted caramel, the crumb delights will be hand-made to order for $6 a pop. Just to finish off this jolly good design, the crumb creations each have a Willy Wonka inspired name, ensuring that even the Oompa Loompas will feel the joy.

Golden Gaytime

Carefully created by expert crumb and chocolate mixologists, here are the five popping new Gaytime additions:

  • Unicorn Breath – vanilla crumb, musk sticks, strawberry hard candy, popping candy, edible glitter
  • Crumb Choc Millionaire – chocolate crumb, smashed potato crisps, desiccated coconut, 100s & 1000s, edible glitter
  • Chocopalooza – chocolate crumb, lolly bananas, 100s & 1000s
  • Golden Chief’s Salty Gaytime – vanilla crumb, pretzel bits, salted caramel drizzle (created by Gaytime ‘Crumbassador’, Jesse James McElroy)
  • The OG-G – with even more vanilla crumb (the original and the best handcrafted to perfection)

The Golden Gaytime Crumb Shed opens at Topshop’s Gowings store in Sydney on Wednesday 18th January and at their Emporium store in Melbourne on Friday 20th January for a limited time. Needless to say, we are experiencing a whole new level of excitement.



In case you’re not already a hard-core Topshop’er, below you can find the opening hours for both Sydney and Melbourne stores. Disclaimer, we do not take responsibility for Golden Gaytime addiction or permanent unicorn glitter sprinkles.

Opening Hours (Sydney)

Mon–Wed & Fri: 10am–7pm
Thu: 10am–9pm
Sat: 10am–7pm
Sun: 10am–6pm

Opening Hours (Melbourne)

Mon–Wed: 10am–7pm
Thu & Fri: 10am–9pm
Sat & Sun: 10am–7pm