Tinder’s new dating app ‘Ship’ lets your friends pick your dates

Cool Sh*t, Play / 20 March 2019

Looking for love? Don’t jump ship. Tinder’s latest dating app is hand balling your love life over to your mates.

While endlessly swiping through potential matches on Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, Happn (we could go on) can be grim at best, have you ever swiped on behalf of your friend? A bleak couch activity to find love, or simply sex, is instantly transformed into a comedic and entertaining showcase of ‘how well do I know my friend’. The clever crew at Betches (who are behind Tinder) were quick to notice this occurrence, and have now launched a brand spanking new dating app designed to spice up your dating life and help you find ‘the one’.

Introducing ‘Ship’, the new dating app that lets your friends choose your dates for you. After all, how on earth can you of all people be trusted with your own love life?

Ship works by letting you outsource partner-selection to your most trusted friends. Say goodbye to the days of taking a frantic screenshot of a potential match, before sharing it with your Whatsapp group for the final verdict. Or is that just with my friends?

Ship works by firstly prompting you to set up your own account, filling out the usual details including photos, age, height, job etc. Then you can invite your ‘crew’ of friends to swipe on your behalf. A group chat is then automatically generated, allowing you and your mates to discuss profiles and matches.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can also select whether you’re currently single or in a relationship, each option leading to a unique interface. For those single folk, you can either swipe for yourself, or put your trust in your mates to swipe for you. If you’re otherwise in a relationship, you can swipe as part of your single friends’ crew, but (obviously) can’t swipe for yourself.

At the moment, there’s only an iOS app and it’s available in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil and Australia. Good news for all you Android users. As for those iPhone owners, we’re hoping we won’t be waiting to long.

Keen to read more, catch the full Betches article on Ship here.