An underwater hotel is arriving to the Great Barrier Reef

Cool Sh*t / 20 August 2019
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An underwater hotel is arriving to the Great Barrier Reef

Cool Sh*t / 20 August 2019

Soon you can be sleeping with the fishes with the opening of Australia’s first ever Underwater Hotel.

Europe brought us the mind boggling underwater restaurant earlier this year and now Australia is throwing their hat in the ring with its very own suitably impressive, Underwater Hotel. Taking up residency just off Lady Musgrave Island in the Great Barrier Reef, soon you can be quite literally, sleeping with the fishes.

Reefsuites, Australia’s first of its kind underwater hotel, is slated to open in April 2020. It’s promising an overnight experience like no other, where you can see the vibrant aquatic life swimming straight past your floor-to-ceiling windows.

The 36-metre floating pontoon is comprised of three levels, one of which will sit three metres underwater. Sleeping up to 24 people at one time, each room promises 360 degree views of the coral reef systems. Head upstairs and the pontoon will act as a base for snorkelling, diving and glass bottom boat tours.

The pontoon is also set to include an underwater observatory with UV lighting, so that visitors can experience the the reef in all its illuminated glory as part of a special night time experience.

As part of the State Government’s $36 million tourism infrastructure fund, they’ll be contributing $1 million to the development of the hotel. In line with the state’s ongoing efforts towards creating a more sustainable and environmentally sound future, the roof of the vessel will be lined with solar panels to provide power, while the main deck will be constructed from recycled plastic and wood, including second hand milk bottles.

As for the important financial set back for an overnight stay, an all-inclusive two day, one night stay will set you back around $550.

Construction is expected to commence in August with plans to open to the public in April 2020.

You can register your interest here, with bookings opening later this month.