Under, Europe’s First Ever Underwater Restaurant is Opening in Early 2019

Cool Sh*t / 27 November 2018

Fine dining officially goes beneath the water’s edge courtesy of Under, Europe’s largest underwater restaurant.

Restaurant owners have proven they’re not afraid of pushing the culinary envelope. When word got out though that an underwater restaurant was popping up in Norway in 2019, it stirred a lot of global interest. Fittingly titled ‘Under’, this head-cocking, almost supernatural-looking fine dining restaurant can be found in the utmost Southern region of Norway.

From the outside, you would be forgiven for thinking Under was a chunky rock formation jutting out of the sea. Its sharp-lined and contemporary design is strikingly reminiscent of an edgy (pun intended) art gallery. Behind the ingenious design is award winning architect firm, Snøhetta.

under restaurant

It’s beneath the water’s surface though that things get really interesting. Built in the sometimes-rough waters at Spangereid in Lindesnes municipality, Under marks the world’s largest underwater restaurant, seating up to 100 guests at any one time.

Guests will dine an impressive five metres beneath sea level, no diving suit or oxygen tank required. Simply walk down a set of stairs to enter an underwater world. Here, a large floor-to-ceiling glass wall will give you the ultimate view of the bustling sea life below. Yes, you really will dine amongst the fishes.

As for the all important menu, like you would expect, it’s heavily seafood oriented. Head Chef Ellitsgaard and his team will dish up a series of innovative seasonal dishes, capturing the essence of the Norwegian coastline on the southern tip of Norway – with its rich and abundant natural resources.

under restaurant

For all of you wondering about your level of safety while dining underwater, the restaurant’s walls are three feet thick and have been specifically designed to withstand the pressure and shocks of a marine environment.

“We’ll attract tourists from all over the world. That is our goal. I hope and believe that this will be the start of a new age for the travel industry,” says Gaute Ubostad, one of the founders of this very special restaurant project.

The good news is that Under is now taking reservations for April 2019. If you’re planning a luscious Europe trip next year, you will want to get in quick. Tabes are already booking out fast, despite the fact Under is yet to open its doors.

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