A Moet Vending Machine Has Landed in Australia

/ 28 June 2017

Forget about those boring soft drinks, this Moet vending machine is what your office really needs right now.

Boring soft drinks, stale chips and the occasional old chocolate bar are about as much as you can hope to get from your typical vending machine – until now. The vending machine only thought possible in our dreams has been made into a reality – having just landed in Australia. It comes filled with none other than 494 miniature bottles of perfectly chilled Moët & Chandon Champagne. You’ve read correctly, a Moet vending machine exists in Australia!

So where can we find said glorious dispenser? For the meantime, the first machine is located on the Gold Coast at The Star’s Garden Kitchen & Bar at Broadbeach. It comes after the first machine was officially launched at Selfridges in London in 2013, followed by the United States.

To get your lands on one of these super cute bottles, you need to purchase a $29 golden token from The Star’s Garden Kitchen and Bar. You can then drop the token directly into the machine before receiving the 200ml minature bottle, which comes with a gold sipper. The golden sipper is a small implement that sits on top of the bottle, turning it into a champagne flute. If you’re sharing between two (unlikely, if you’re us), you can use the sipper as a pourer to share between glasses.

As far as we’re aware, the Moet vending machine will serve as a permanent fixture at this Gold Coast bar.

Don’t fret if you don’t happen to reside on the GC. We’re told that if this one does well (we we predict it certainly will), they will start to crop up all over the country. We’ll cheers to that!

In the mean time we can’t help but ask ourselves how quickly can we get one of these machines in the office? Ms Darlinghurst? Are you reading this?