Getting married soon? Migoreng wedding cakes are now a thing!

Cool Sh*t / 19 February 2020

We all know someone who would love this.

What does your dream wedding cake look like? For some, it’s 3 decadent tiers of rich flavours with decorative flowers and a cake topper. For others it could be just as simple as stacked choc mud cakes from Woolies. But for those who live on the wild side and who are just that bit adventurous, they might just go for a cake made entirely out of Migoreng noodles. Yep, you heard right. You can now browse through and buy a variety of wedding cakes made from everyone’s favourite 2 min noodles.

This trend has taken off in Indonesia where it originated from the geniuses at Pioneer Indomie Cake. The bakery has it’s humble roots in Jakarta, specialising in cakes from small once-off celebrations, to giant 3 tier wedding extravaganzas – sauce and meat garnish optional! One of the owners originally had a donut shop and was constantly looking for ways to innovate the classic treat. That was when they were reminded of their mum who would fill up their lunch boxes with Indomie, with the noodles forming a cake like shape in the container. And so the idea of migoreng filled donuts was born, and then the pair later moved to creating migoreng cakes, entirely savoury, edible and very aesthetic (a standard two tiered cake uses up to 17 packs of noodles!)

migoreng cake

Once you place an order for your instant noodle cake, you can choose between various toppings. Complete the masterpiece by adding shredded chicken, salted cuttlfefish or meatballs. You can also layer on a second choice of topping, usually from the choice of beef cornet or melted cheese.

A two tiered cake will feed around 8-10 people, and will set you back approximately 140,000 Rp ($15.27). Custom orders can also be made, with wedding cakes being decorated in flowers and fresh vegetables. The only tiny logistical problem is that you’ll have to be living in Jakarta to have the cake made and delivered to your big day. For now we can only dream of this savoury masterpiece.

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