Life Gets Peachier with Zonzo’s Bellina: A Sip of Italian Elegance

Drink, Melbourne / 3 April 2024

Rod Micallef’s transformation from managing a bustling pizzeria to founding Zonzo Estate in the Yarra Valley marks the origin story of Bellina.

Opening Zonzo Restaurant in 2007, Micallef established a venue that combines dining, winemaking, and celebrating, laying the groundwork for the creation. The acquisition of a vineyard in 2015 further expanded the estate, making Zonzo a go-to for those seeking an authentic Italian experience in Australia.


The Evolution of Bellina

Bellina, Zonzo Estate’s latest creation, brings a new twist to the classic Bellini. This innovation not only respects the traditional Italian aperitif but also celebrates love and the enchanting beauty of Venice. Originating as a personal gesture, the original Bellini soon became a hallmark of Zonzo’s dedication to quality. The launch of the Zoncello Spritz provided the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate the Bellini, transforming it into Bellina with a contemporary edge.

A Visual and Tasteful Homage

Bellina’s design pays meticulous homage to Venetian elegance. The arch-inspired label and the carefully chosen colour scheme narrate a story of romance and artistry. Combining local peach nectar with Zonzo’s exceptional Prosecco, to deliver a taste that is both genuine and delightful.


Micallef’s Vision for The Drink

For Micallef, Bellina represents a celebration of Italian culture and the beauty of shared experiences. This beverage is perfect for any occasion, promising to enhance gatherings with its lively, peachy notes. It encourages everyone to embrace the joy of Italian living with every sip.

Discovering Bellina

Zonzo invites wine lovers and newcomers alike to immerse in its story of love, tradition, and creativity. Now available at Zonzo Estate, Dan Murphy’s, and select retailers for $25 a bottle, Bellina is poised to become a favoured choice for adding Italian elegance to celebrations.

Zonzo Estate continues to weave Italian tradition with premium Australian produce. This ensures wine enthusiasts are always enchanted, sip by sip.