A New Twist on High Tea: Aperol Takes Centre Stage at The Waiting Room

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 3 April 2024

In a vibrant collaboration, Crown’s The Waiting Room and the renowned Aperol have come together, creating an unforgettable high tea experience.

The Aperol High Tea, spanning from April 5th through June 30th, marks a special blend of tradition and modern zest, perfectly suited for Melbourne’s eclectic taste.

EAT: Savoury and Sweet Delights

At every tier, the high tea surprises guests. Lemon meringue macarons burst with zest, while Aperol-infused panna cotta offers a creamy delight. The chefs masterfully mix Aperol’s vibrant flavors into both sweet and savoury dishes. Guests will enjoy a range of eye-catching pastries and fresh scones that please every palate.

Aperol High Tea

DRINK: Refreshing Beverage Selection

Drinks are as varied and interesting as the food. Guests can choose from elegant teas to sparkling Piper-Heidsieck ‘Cuvée’ Brut NV. For Aperol enthusiasts, themed cocktails, including the beloved Aperol Spritz, add a playful touch. These beverages perfectly complement the afternoon’s flavours.

PLAY: The Essence of High Tea

This event goes beyond simple dining. It’s about savouring the moment. The elegant atmosphere of The Waiting Room pairs wonderfully with Aperol’s lively essence. Here, guests share laughter and stories, creating memorable experiences.

The collaboration between The Waiting Room and Aperol transforms weekends into occasions of joy and refinement. The Aperol High Tea invites everyone to partake in an adventure of taste and camaraderie. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience. Join us and make your weekends unforgettable with a splash of Aperol’s spirited flavour.