Fresh Face in Yugen Dining: Introducing Nidaime Omakase Experience

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 30 August 2023

Nidaime Makes Its Debut

Yugen Dining, already a hit for its original omakase experience, has something new up its sleeve. Due to soaring demand, they’re launching Nidaime—a shorter, more accessible omakase experience.

What’s in a Name?

The name ‘Nidaime’ means ‘second,’ aptly named as it’s the sibling to Yugen’s original omakase offering. Yet, it’s anything but second-rate. The new experience aims to welcome a wider audience with its lower price point and fewer courses.

Where the Action Happens

The new omakase will unfold in the Yugen Tea Bar, situated right above the main dining area. With only eight seats available per session, it’s intimate but not cramped. Also, you’ll get about 16 to 18 dishes, mirroring the style of Yugen’s original omakase.

On the Menu

Expect a flurry of mouth-watering dishes. From oysters and kingfish sashimi to house-made shiso drinks, each offering is a nod to tradition with a twist of modernity. The menu isn’t static; it shifts with the seasons, ensuring freshness and variety.

The Creativity Continues

Stephen Nairn, CEO and Culinary Director of LK Hospitality, stated that Nidaime is a playground for chefs. The team will experiment with new ideas, serving up dishes that may differ from those downstairs. Essentially, it’s a sandbox for gastronomic creativity.

Drink Up!

Of course, what’s a meal without drinks? Besides the traditional sake and tea pairings, you can sip on Yugen’s signature cocktail, Yayoi. Comprising Four Pillars fresh yuzu gin, kumquat, and Karigane green tea, it’s a drink not to be missed.

Award-Winning Space

Yugen Tea Bar isn’t just a venue; it’s an experience. It’s won the Best Surface Interiors at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2022 and was a contender for the Hospitality Design Award at the Australian Interior Design Awards 2022.

When and Where

Nidaime is set to launch on August 30, offering two sessions a night from Wednesday to Sunday. Located at 605 Chapel Street, South Yarra, it’s an experience that promises not to break the bank. Pricing starts at $175 per person with optional drink pairings.


So there you have it. Nidaime is the perfect option for those who want a slice of omakase action without committing to a lengthy and pricier feast. Get ready to make a booking, as seats are bound to fill up fast.

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