Young Hearts Live Thursdays to Debut with Melbourne Universal Disco Band ‘Honey’

Cool Sh*t, Drink, Melbourne / 4 May 2023

The newly launched Young Hearts in Windsor is set to begin its highly anticipated live music program, Live Thursdays, starting this week. Every second Thursday, the venue will host a variety of Melbourne’s finest jazz and soul artists, accompanied by renowned local and interstate DJs. This initiative is part of Young Hearts’ ongoing commitment to showcasing music and art in an ever-changing setting.

Josh Olave, founder of Melbourne-based booking and events company Moor Music, is spearheading the live program. Olave sees Young Hearts Live Thursdays as an opportunity to introduce their music to a new southside audience. The initial focus will be on jazzy house, instrumental dance music, and soul, with plans to expand and challenge listeners’ boundaries over time.

Honey, a widely followed Melbourne universal disco band, will be the first act to perform at Young Hearts, offering a one-time, free gig for attendees. As this performance is scheduled right before the band embarks on an overseas tour, it presents a unique opportunity to see one of the city’s most popular acts for a limited time.

Throughout the night, esteemed Melbourne-based DJ Amin Payne will keep the audience entertained with his signature grooves. Additionally, Freddy’s Pizza, the in-residence food providers, will serve a range of Italian-inspired bar snacks to keep guests satisfied.

Nic Coulter, owner of Young Hearts, is excited about promoting a diverse array of local talent both on stage and at the turntables. With Young Hearts Live Thursdays, the venue aims to break the rules and bring something unexpected to Melbourne’s entertainment scene.

Young Hearts Live Thursdays event will take place on Thursday, 4th May, at 5pm, located at 216 High Street, Windsor. The set times for the night are as follows:

  • Amin Payne: 6pm – 9pm
  • Honey: 9pm – 10pm
  • Amin Payne: 10pm – 1am

Entry is free for all attendees. For more information, visit the Young Hearts website at or their Instagram page