Celebrate World Pasta Day at Baby Pizza with $20 Pastas!

Eat, Melbourne / 16 October 2023
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Celebrate World Pasta Day at Baby Pizza with $20 Pastas!

Eat, Melbourne / 16 October 2023

Melburnians hold an undeniable love affair with Italian cuisine, and what better way to celebrate this bond than on World Pasta Day? On Wednesday 25 October, Baby Pizza, a go-to hotspot on the south side, seizes the opportunity to make your carb dreams come true.

A Pasta Party on Your Plate

The menu is an ode to the versatility of pasta. From a hearty Tagliatelle with braised duck ragu to a soul-soothing Lasagna featuring rich wagyu beef, the dishes promise to please even the most particular of palates. Gnocchi finds a perfect pair with pumpkin and sage, while Rigatoni gets a sumptuous uplift from a braised beef ragu.

A Journey Through Flavours

Uniquely, the Calamarata takes you on a ride with prawns, tomato and a punch of chilli. If you favour something a bit spicier, the Orcchiette dazzles with its combination of spicy pork sausage and broccolini. Last but not least, the Tagliolini shows off seared calamari, delicately balanced with Golden Groves olive oil, chilli, confit garlic and parsley.

Don’t Miss Out

This scrumptious array of pasta dishes will be available all day from 12 pm, but you’ll need to move swiftly. Given the allure of Baby Pizza’s cuisine, these limited-time bowls will likely disappear quicker than you can say “mangia!”

Affordable Indulgence

While Italian food often holds a reputation for luxuriousness, Baby Pizza ensures everyone can partake in this celebration. At just $20 a bowl, this World Pasta Day event demonstrates that indulgence doesn’t always have to break the bank.

What’s the Catch?

There’s not much of a catch, really. The offer kicks off at 12 pm and continues until all the pasta dishes are claimed. It’s first come, first served, so make sure to clear your schedule and head down to Baby Pizza on the south side this World Pasta Day.

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This World Pasta Day, as the Italians say, “la vita è troppo breve per mangiare e bere male” (life is too short to eat and drink poorly). Cheers to Baby Pizza for keeping the spirit—and the sauce—alive.

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