Rediscovering Rooftop at QT Melbourne

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 16 October 2023
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Rediscovering Rooftop at QT Melbourne

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 16 October 2023

Say hello to a revamped Rooftop at QT Melbourne, the city’s quintessential spot for sky-high indulgence. A recent makeover has transformed this iconic venue, ensuring it remains a cut above the rest.

EAT: Feast with a View

The high life in Melbourne finds a home at Rooftop at QT. Executive Chef Nic Wood crafts a Mediterranean-inspired menu. Think Snapper Cannoli with BBQ jalapeño. Or perhaps a Lobster Cocktail. A final touch? An Ice Cream Sandwich against the backdrop of Melbourne’s skyline.

DRINK: Innovative Cocktails For All

Chris Stock, award-winning Food & Beverage Director, revamps the cocktail menu. It now features modern takes on classics like ‘Son of Man.’ A daring ‘Bulleit Punch’ also joins the lineup. Each cocktail shines in its own right and begs to be shared on Instagram.

PLAY: Vibing to the Beat

QT’s Music Curator, Andrew Lewis, sets the acoustic mood. His playlists change as the day unfolds. Come sundown, DJs take the stage, adding a dynamic twist to the atmosphere.


Art and Ambience

Local artist Dwayne Hutton adds flair to the space. Intricate details in his artwork enrich the venue’s vibe. For those who prefer privacy, a secluded lounge hosts up to 40 people behind sliding reeded glass doors.

Sustainability in Focus

In line with eco-conscious efforts, Rooftop at QT collaborates with Melbourne designers, Tait. Together, they repurpose original furniture pieces, thereby enhancing the venue’s sustainable approach.

The Doors Are Open

Rooftop at QT Melbourne welcomes guests from 3:00 pm on weekdays and from noon during weekends. Check out QT Melbourne’s official website for more details or follow them on Instagram @qtmelbourne.