Woodford Reserve Women In Whiskey 2016

Events, Melbourne / 16 January 2017

Sisters are doing for themselves at the Woodford Reserve Women in Whiskey event at Bar Ampere

Woodford Reserve turns whiskey’s reputation as a man’s drink on it’s head with an event that focuses on women’s taste for the favourite spirit.
From the moment the first glass of whiskey emerged from its barrel, it has been the drink of choice for the powerful, the creative, the wild, and the refined. From politicians to writers, to rugged pioneers and brilliant performers, whiskey has never been far from the lips of history’s most famous movers and shakers.
And what did they have in common besides a love of the distilled spirit? They were all men. Whiskey has long had a reputation as a ‘drink for men’. Woodford Reserve is here to change that with their Women In Whiskey events, proving the classic spirit is as versatile as it is delicious.
Hosted by Woodford Reserve’s 2015 National Bartender winner, Thalita Alves, the Woodford Women In Whiskey event brings together like-minded women for a night of tasting, discussion, good food, and laughs as we sample three Woodford Reserve whiskeys.
Woodford Reserve
Alves, originally from Brazil, shines as she guides us through the various flavour profiles and tasting notes. Her passion for whiskey is evident as she educates us about the history of the amber liquor and the distillation process, while encouraging us to step outside of our comfort zone and truly get to know our whiskeys and bourbons.
I’ve always been a fan of whiskey, but have to admit I know little more than that it came from a barrel and that I liked to drink it. Alves’ former life as a teacher and educator is evident in the way she engages us, guiding us through the distillation and maturation processes that have made Woodford Reserve a staple on bar shelves and in every whiskey lover’s library.
With a precision and scientific eye that would make Mme. Curie proud, Alves details the precise charring of the barrels and the way the spirit interacts with the wood to create a series of whiskeys and bourbons that are simply like no other.
In the comfort of Bar Ampere’s stunning Swamp Room – a southern bayou draped in fairy lit willows – we sample three of Woodford’s offerings: the Distillers Select, a Rye Whiskey, and the Double Oaked. The latter, my personal favourite, is a deep amber with a creamy, vanilla taste and a little fruitiness. It’s delicious, decadent, and dangerously drinkable!
Woodford Reserve Bar Ampere Swamp Room
We’re also treated to two cocktails that showcase just how fresh and summery whiskey can be. Mixed with a little Chambord, lemon juice and sugar, the whiskey adds character and zing without being overwhelming. It was the perfect drink as we sit in the warm Melbourne evening, and one I’ll be adding to my own cocktail repertoire.
Woodford Reserve’s Women In Whiskey night has encouraged me to get creative and open my eyes to the art of whiskey. It’s also shown me that while the past may be full of iconic men who drank whiskey, it’s us ladies who will take whiskey into the future.
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Learn more at Woodford Reserve here and you can find it on the shelves at good liquor stores and bars.