Where to drink the iconic aperitif for Negroni Week

Bars, Drink, Melbourne / 23 June 2019
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Where to drink the iconic aperitif for Negroni Week

Bars, Drink, Melbourne / 23 June 2019

Celebrate Negroni Week with a delicious twist on the classic Italian drink in it’s 100th year

The iconic Italian drink, bitter, sweet, dry and perfectly refreshing is a delicious aperitif to sip on any time of the year. But with Negroni Week – which runs 24th to 30th June – is upon us, it’s a great time to celebrate the legendary aperitif and indulge in the ruby-hued cocktail as Melbourne’s mixologists dream up new ways to serve the 100-year-old drink.

But first, a little history: in 1919 in Florence, Italy, Count Camillo Negroni walked into his favourite bar – Caffe Casoni – and asked the bartender to strengthen his usual Americano. The bartender, Fosco Scarselli, replaced the soda from the Americano with gin, garnished it with a twist of orange and so the Negroni was born.

Order up a drink or two at these bars and shout ‘saluti’ as you raise a toast to Count Negroni for this sublime gift he left to the world.


Hop onto a bar stool at Harlow in Richmond and choose from one of these clever concoctions:

S’mores Negroni – Pretzel infused Four Pillars, Crème De Cacao rinse, Campari, Cinzanno rosso, then garnished with a torched marshmallow and graham cracker.

Pomelo Negroni – Tequila, Campari, Cinzano Bianco, Grapefruit dash, and finished with dehydrated Campari dust

Traditional Four Pillars Negroni – Spiced Negroni Gin, Campari, Cinzano Rosso, and an orange twist

Rosetta Ristorante

Add to your Italian fine dining experience with a Negroni at Rosetta Ristorante in Crown where Bar Manager Jacob Dykes’ ode to the Negroni comes in three styles

Classic Negroni: Tanqueray, Tenuta Tamburnin vermouth, Campari

Coconut Negroni: Tanqueray, Campari, Tenuta Tamburnin vermouth infused with toasted coconut and washed with coconut oil (picture below)

Rose Negroni: Tanqueray, Tenuta Tamburnin vermouth and Aperol infused with rose petals

400 Gradi

For Negroni Week, 400 Gradi have decided to pour out four different and delicious Negroni cocktails, throughout the week – check with your bartender when you visit what he’s pouring today. With any excuse for the Italian’s to shout, ‘Saluti!’, these exclusive beverages are the perfect way to wash down an irresistible Gradi feast, that’ll warm your soul during this cold weather. You’ll find 400 Gradi in Brunswick, Eastland, Essendon, Crown and the Yarra Valley.

Fatto Bar & Cantina

Fatto Bar and Cantina at River Terrace by Hamer Hall is Celebrating 100 years of the Negroni with Negroni by Numbers throughout the week. With five different Negroni’s on offer, you can enjoy a classic Negroni or make your way through the numbers to try the Cantina’s different takes on the much-loved tipple, including:

I – Negroni: Tanqueray gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari

II – Australian Negroni: 78 Degrees Gin, Okar, Regal Rogue sweet vermouth, Australian Bitters

III – Hibiscus Negroni: Bourbon< Hibiscus infused Aperol, Dolin Rogue, Orange Bitters

IV – Cinnamon Negroni: Pampero Anejo Rum, Punt-e-mes, Carpana Antica Forumla, Fig and cinnamon bitters in a cinnamon smoked glass

V – White Negroni: Drambuie, Campari, Dolin Rogue, Honey syrup

Garden State Hotel

Four Pillars is releasing a limited range of four bottled Negronis which will be available at a pop up store in Garden State Hotel during Negroni Week or you can purchase them from Four Pillars. The Garden State Hotel on Flinders Lane is going all out with a custom-built Negroni Shop which will be open for the duration of Negroni week and will offer the bottled Negronis, Spiced Negroni Gin, Negroni t-shirts and Breakfast Negroni Marmalade.