Chef Charlie Carrington and Vodka Cruiser Team Up for Melbourne’s First Crafted Canned Dining Experience

Drink, Melbourne / 4 September 2023

A Surprising Duo: Atlas Dining and Vodka Cruiser

Melbourne, mark your calendars. Chef Charlie Carrington of Atlas Dining has joined hands with Vodka Cruiser. Together, they’re launching a canned dining adventure.

Vodka Cruiser Atlas Dining

Free Canned Dessert For The First 100 People!

Swing by Atlas Dining on Tuesday 5th of September from midday and you could be one of the lucky 100 to snag a free canned dessert. That’s right, the first 100 guests will experience a hatted chef’s take on dessert, all neatly packed in a can.

What’s Inside the Can?

It’s not just any canned meal. Crafted by a top chef, this dessert pairs perfectly with Vodka Cruiser’s new Raspberry Cosmo. Inside, find a modern S’more. Preserved raspberry meets rosewater marshmallows and Dutch chocolate crumbles. It’s more than a drink; it’s a full experience.

Chef Charlie: World-Trained, Melbourne-Based

Charlie Carrington isn’t just your typical chef. He’s globally trained and young, and he’s transformed Atlas Dining. His restaurant offers dishes from around the world. This collab fits right into his innovative vision.

The New Range of Vodka Cruiser Cocktails

Not just any canned cocktails, these are special. A pack of four will set you back $22. What’s inside? Premium triple-distilled vodka. Opt for the Passionfruit Daiquiri for Caribbean vibes. The Raspberry Cosmo offers a New York flair. For a Mexican touch, the Lime Margarita is your go-to.

Vodka Cruiser Atlas Dining

Get The Vodka Cruiser Cocktails

Excited? Grab these new Vodka Cruiser cocktails from any bottle shop. They’re great for any summer gathering. For more, visit Vodka Cruiser.