A 100% plant based burger bar has landed in Melbourne

Eat, Melbourne / 3 October 2019

From plant based food to sustainable packaging, Henry’s is taking an ethical approach to dining.

There’s a new burger joint in town, and this time the food tastes as good as they are for the planet. Henry’s has just opened up on Brunswick Street with an all vegan menu that eagerly awaits diners. Not only this, but the innovative burger bar has vowed to keep food waste at a minimum and is serving all items in good-for-the-Earth packaging. 

Executive head chef, Jarrod Moore, has previously worked extensively with other restaurants to grow their vegan offerings, and has even gained PETA recognition for his efforts. To ensure top quality food without sacrificing taste, he and the team from Henry’s have taken a year to craft this plant based menu to perfection. This includes creating a variety of sauces, gravies and toppings from scratch to deliver quality burgers that the Melbournian foodie loves.

Mouthwatering Moving Mountains patties were selected to be the patty of choice for Henry’s, featuring an all natural blend of mushrooms, wheat, soy and pea proteins. The patties also have beetroot juice for the tiniest amount of sweetness, and are cooked in coconut oil to add a little greasiness that every burger lover expects. Aside from the signature burger, you can also order the Schnitzroy and the Lentillist. 

Henrys fries

Complete the order with a side of Henry’s disco fries, served with their BBQ seasoning, gravy and shredded vegan cheddar, or some classic beer battered onion rings. For dessert, expect dairy free plant based sundaes with crumbled biscuit and honeycomb toppings.

Maz Salt, founder of the burger bar, pays homage to his distant ancestor who was a pioneer in ethical eating. “He influenced Gandhi to pursue vegetarianism and wrote the first ever book on animal rights. I wanted to continue his legacy by creating a burger joint that takes an ethical approach in everything it does.”

With fast food comes fast packaging, and all of the packaging at Henry’s is either recyclable or compostable. Food waste is also kept minimal, with all food scraps composted locally at the end of the day.

Henry’s is open 7 days from 11am to late. 

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