Urbnsurf has finally opened its doors as Australia’s first surf park

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Play / 21 January 2020

Perfect surf sessions all day, every day.

As true Australians, we all love a bit of surfing – but it doesn’t come without challenges! You need to be on the lookout for the swell, tide and winds to score a good wave, not to mention all the time driving to the perfect spot (and battling crowds at popular destinations)! There’s also danger of bad weather, marine hazards and the list goes on.

Now all surfer’s can rejoice because the ultimate surf-away-from-the-beach destination is here, and it’s bound to impress. As a project that started almost 8 years ago, Andrew Ross’ dream of bringing perfect waves to Melbourne city has become reality – in the form of Urbnsurf.

The park powers up to 1000 waves per hour, day and night, and with a space that spans over two hectares, Urbnsurf creates perfect ocean like waves in a safe and controlled environment. You’ll also get the chance to experience different zones and choice of surf conditions which makes it perfect for all ages and skill level.

wave pool

Never learnt to surf? Practice at The Bays before you face the big ocean, with soft and gentle waves perfect for learning basics. You can even enlist in the help of expert coaches to teach you a trick or two. If a little adrenaline is what you’re after, skip The Bays and head straight to The Point. You can practice your skills of rights and lefts, high octane turns and barrel waves – no more than 18 surfers are on each ride so you have plenty of space to dish out your best moves! Bring your own surf gear if you prefer, or simply hire the latest surfboards, wetsuits, fins and surf hardware at Urbnsurf’s surf rental.

There’s also plenty of fun stuff in the works for later in the year. Lagoonside hot tubs will open Autumn 2020, with the best view to watch the surfing action whilst keeping you toasty and heated. Three Blue Ducks is also set to open inside the surf park so you can surf, eat, and repeat.

Urbnsurf is located 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD – check their website for more information.

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