Head to newly opened TuanTuan in Carlton for Hong Kong comfort food

Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 3 September 2018

Unite friends, family and food at TuanTuan, the newest Chinese Brasserie to hit Carlton.

Food never fails to bring people together. Think about each time you make plans with friends, and, you guessed it, eating comes to mind. Of course, there is nothing better than to be sitting around a table with loved ones and enjoying a delicious meal. That’s what TuanTuan is all about.
In traditional Chinese culture, TuanTuan is as important as Yin Yang. It means round or full circle, symbolising unity, perfection and fulfilment. The newest Chinese restaurant to hit Queensberry Street in Carlton rings true to its name, bringing people and delicious food together in a relaxed environment.
TuanTuan’s genesis hails back to the 1960s in Hong Kong, when the family-run restaurant Mui Garden would serve their much-loved Hong Kong comfort food, particularly special curry and noodle soup. Skip to the 1990s in Canada, where the Mui Garden family opened another store called Deer Garden, well known for their Halibut Noodle soup. Since 2014, TuanTuan Brasserie has been making a name for itself in Manila, and now Melbournians will find out why.
Step into TuanTuan and be impressed by French flair, featuring pops of colour, greenery and the added sparkle of chandeliers, all thanks to WALL Architects. A luscious green tree in the middle of the dining space, offsetting a colourful mural, is the pièce de résistance.
TuanTuan’s menu is comprehensive, but it is a must that you try the signature snow buns. Crispy on the outside and pillowy-soft on the inside, filled with your choice of crispy barbeque pork (my favourite), salted egg custard, pineapple or almond cream.
tuantuan-snow buns
But before you overindulge on snow buns, leave room for the Malay laksa fish soup. A generous helping of tofu, prawns, fishballs and rice vermicelli in a flavoursome broth really hits the spot, especially on cooler Melbourne nights.
TuanTuan’s Hong Kong style curry, featuring 20 spices and ingredients, is an addictively tasty dish. You won’t be stuck for choice with curry options, which include chicken fillet, prawn, beef brisket, pork chop, beef brisket and tendon, or vegetable and tofu. TuanTuan suggests harmony, but I guarantee that you and your dining companions will contest over the last piece of brisket.
For dessert, the Taiwanese mango shaved ice is an enjoyable, light and tasty way to complete your feast.
To drink, the Hong Kong style tea or coffee, served either hot or cold, is the ideal beverage to accompany your meal.
tuantuan-taiwanese mango shaved ice
TuanTuan’s extensive menu is sure to satisfy even the fussiest of diners. The available range of appetizers, Macanese dishes, ala carte options and congee will have you ordering a bit of everything.
So when you’re debating your next dinner outing, make the trip to TuanTuan where you will complete the circle of delicious food, a relaxed ambience and good company.