Transit Rooftop Bar, Federation Square

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 23 April 2018

Indulge in cocktails, city views and live music at Transit Rooftop Bar.

With the weather becoming cooler, many would reach for the TV remote in place of their drinking hats or dancing shoes. But with the promise of stunning views, contemporary cocktails, delicious food and live music, I opted to visit the Transit Rooftop Bar on a chilly Melbourne evening instead.
Mosey on up to Level 2 of the iconic Transport Hotel at Federation Square, to reach your destination Transit Rooftop Bar.
transit rooftop bar-interior
Upon your arrival, the cosy interior is a welcoming sight. Featuring leather couches, wood panels and mood lighting, it sets the scene for a relaxed afternoon or evening.
Your next stop: the balcony. Perch at one of the many tables and admire the sweeping views of the city and the Yarra River. Don’t fret about the cold weather, the heat lamps will keep your toes toasty as you enjoy the scene.
Transit Rooftop Bar View Skyline
After your pilgrimage to the second floor, you’ll undoubtedly be in need of a drink. The vast range of tipples available at Transit Rooftop Bar are sure to tickle your fancy, whether you’re a beer, wine, spirit or cocktail drinker. The impressive cocktail list is diverse, but the team is also happy to create a cocktail especially to your taste.
The ‘Blackberry Mojito’ is a refreshing twist on your classic mojito, starring Pampero Blanco. Or, try the ‘Plantation Zombie’, featuring Plantation white rum, dark rum, and OFTD rum, as well as Pernod Absinthe, lime, passionfruit and sugar, resulting in a potently delicious mix!
Transit Rooftop Bar Cocktails
For a sophisticated blend of Tanqueray Gin, Amaro Montenegro, lemon, basil leaves and cracked pepper, ask for the ‘Full Monte’. Although you won’t see it on Transit Rooftop Bar’s current cocktail menu, it’s still available for those in the know and definitely worth ordering.
For something sweet, the ‘Michael Jackson’ hits all the high notes. With De Kuyper Crème de Cacao (Dark & White), Disaronno Amaretto and coconut, then generously topped with whipped cream, this could be ordered as a decadent drink or a delicious dessert.
The food arrives from Taxi Kitchen downstairs and is an impressive mix of Australian cuisine with a dash of Asian influence. The perfectly crafted menu by Executive Chef Tony Twitchett highlights seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients. If you’re like me and prefer to try a little bit of everything, the smaller plates are ideal for a tapas-style feed.
transit rooftop bar kangaroo
Be sure to try the kangaroo seared rare, with qaundong chutney and sesame cracker. Don’t be alarmed that this dish is served cold – the kangaroo will make your tastebuds hop in appreciation – pun intended.
Try the turnip cakes with spring onion and ginger dipping sauce as a scrumptious vegetarian option before you shuffle on to the juicy candied pork with pickled papaya and red nam jim.
transit rooftop bar candied pork
If you’re in for the long haul, the handmade pasta, with confit chicken, shitake, pork and chilli broth is a winning and filling dish.
Don’t worry sweet tooths and cheese lovers, you haven’t missed your stop. There is also a range of delectable desserts and cheeses on offer.
transit rooftop bar-live-music
Enhancing the ambience at Transit Rooftop Bar is live music, played Wednesday to Sunday and presented on an intimate stage.
A visit to Transit Rooftop Bar is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, with Melbourne’s skyline as your backdrop as the city passes by below.