Sideshow Burgers, Rosanna

Eat, Melbourne / 21 April 2018

Presenting: Sideshow Burgers, the newest burger joint to hit Rosanna.

Discovering a hidden gem in the ‘burbs evokes excitement not unlike that of a child about to be taken to the circus. In this case, the attraction is the recently opened Sideshow Burgers. They may be the newest kid on the block (Beetham Parade in Rosanna to be precise), but they are already playing the right notes when it comes to burgers.
Featuring leather booths and bright circus-themed graphics, the 20-seater venue oozes a casual vibe for a quick lunch or a place to relax with family and friends.
sideshow burgers-interior
Owners Abhish Gupta and Julian Chew decided to join the burger scene with Sideshow burgers, which is only a few doors down from their other venue, local favourite café Miss Marie.
From their successful three-year stint as a pop-up burger night at Lip Café in nearby Ivanhoe, Sideshow Burgers was born and will no doubt be the newest star of the Rosanna foodie show.
The small but perfectly crafted menu at Sideshow Burgers uses locally sourced ingredients and Brasseries Bakery sourdough buns to cater for every taste. Gluten free buns are also available.
The menu currently features six burgers, with two burgers waiting in the wings to join the show in addition to a tantalising range of rotating specials. A naked bun option with fresh butter lettuce is also offered, unveiling the mouth-watering ingredients inside.
First in the ring is the ‘Sideshow’, featuring a juicy beef patty, perfectly melted cheese, lettuce, pickle, mustard, kewpie mayo, ketchup and onion. If you’re like me and think everything tastes better with bacon, you can add this as an extra.
Sideshow Burgers Sideshow
The ‘Ringmaster’ will introduce you to everything there is to love in a chicken burger. Perfectly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, the southern fried chicken is the star, backed up by lettuce, cheese, pickle, onion and a delectable secret sauce.
sideshow burgers-flatlay
Other burger options include the spicy ‘Fire Eater’ showcasing jalapenos, sriracha and kewpie mayo, and the ‘Bohemian’, presenting a veggie patty and beetroot hummus. ‘Bob’ skilfully shows you how the spiced grilled chicken breast is done, and the ‘Strong Man’ will impress you with how the the double beef has been prepared. Of course, the kids can enjoy the ‘Juggler’ with a cheeseburger, fries and small milkshake.
Sideshow Burgers is not remiss when it comes to the sides, such as the perfectly crunchy onion rings or the very enjoyable Carnival, an explosion of both flavours and colours. Loaded fries topped generously with sriracha, mayo, green onion and furikake (dry japenese seasoning), plus optional extras of bacon and jalapenos, really makes this a standout dish. The combination of salty and spicy, crunchy and crispy really hits the spot.
Sideshow Burgers Carnival Loaded Fries
For the full show, wash it all down with a vanilla, salted caramel, chocolate or strawberry shake. Sideshow Burgers’ milkshakes will bring all the customers to their (court)yard, which will soon be available for private bookings.
Sideshow Burgers Chocolate Milkshake
I can’t say walking the tightrope or balancing on a circus performer’s shoulders would be much of a success after enjoying my very filling treat of burger, fries and shake, but I can say that for a generous size burger at a reasonable price ($8.50-15), Sideshow Burgers brings a great casual dining option to Rosanna. Just remember to wear your stretchy pants (or leotard, if you prefer) when you do visit.
If you can’t make it in store, Sideshow Burgers is also available on Uber Eats – perfect for those cold and wet Melbourne nights when you can’t tear yourself away from your Netflix series.