Drink Spotlight: Tommy’s Booze, A Melbourne Twist on Italian Tradition

Drink, Melbourne / 5 July 2023

Melbourne’s food scene is no stranger to innovation, and the latest wave is brought to you by the much-adored Freddy’s Pizza duo, Dan Leuzzi and Tom Giurioli.

Aptly named Tommy’s Booze, this spirited venture is a delightful nod to Italian tradition, socialising, and an impromptu gathering of friends around vibrant, local beverages.

The birth of Tommy’s Booze is quite a tale. In 2021, nestled in the heart of Freddy’s Pizza kitchen, Tom had a lightbulb moment to concoct limoncello. A client’s generous gift of a bag of lemons and Tom’s family recipe from Rome sparked a passion project that led to the creation of a variety of locally made Italian liqueurs.

Tom’s first batch turned out so delicious that they started exchanging pizzas for lemons to produce more. It was a delightful addition to Freddy’s menu, transforming into an after-dinner ritual for their customers, enhancing their dining experience with a shot of refreshing limoncello.

Inspired by the success, Tom started experimenting with new flavours, unveiling intriguing mixes like rocket and liquorice. This playful experimentation became a cornerstone of Tommy’s Booze ethos – as Dan suggests, they’re making limoncello for a good time.

Once confined to Freddy’s Pizza bar, Tommy’s Booze has found a home in some of Melbourne’s finest restaurants, including Marameo, Cecconi’s, and Neptune Food & Wine. Stocked by boutique cellars such as Blackhearts and Sparrows, the brand reached a critical juncture when a Coles buyer tasted Tommy’s Booze during a night out. Impressed, the buyer reached out to Dan, signalling a leap for the brand with a launch in 99 First Choice Liquor Market stores across Australia by August.

Since its humble start, Tommy’s Booze has grown beyond the capacity of a friend’s lemon tree. It now sources ‘ugly’ lemons and other fruits from Victoria and Queensland – perfectly delicious produce that might not otherwise grace supermarket shelves. These are transformed into exquisite liqueurs at a local Melbourne distillery, employing a careful, two-month process to ensure quality and taste.

Tommy’s Booze has expanded its portfolio to include three unique flavours – Limoncello, Mandarino (Mandarin), and Lampone (Raspberry), with plans to introduce spritz cans for each flavour this summer.

Priced at $60 for a 700ml bottle, Tommy’s Booze perfectly encapsulates spontaneous joy. To be ready for those unexpected moments, keep a bottle stashed in your freezer. Whether served straight, on ice, or as a spritz, Tommy’s Booze injects a hint of Italian warmth into every gathering, making each moment special.

Find out more on the Tommy’s Booze website or follow them on Instagram @tommys_booze. For a limited time, they’re running specials on their website: three bottles for $165 or six bottles for $300.