TMix Fruit Tea, Emporium Melbourne

Cafes, Eat, Melbourne / 4 September 2018

Bonbons Bakery brings TMix bespoke donut and low calorie fruit teas to Emporium Melbourne.

Melbourne favourite Bonbons Bakery have launched their latest venture, TMix, at Melbourne Emporium. TMix promises to be a little bit naughty and a little bit nice with their mix of premium handmade donuts and low calorie fruit teas with a distinctly Asian flavour profile. Already a hit with city workers and students in the short time it’s been open, TMix offers something a little bit different to a city of committed coffee and bubble tea drinkers – and we’re, well, drinking it up!
If you hear “low calorie” and immediately start having visions of dry crackers and rationing out afternoon-snack almonds, then let me stop you right there, because at TMix low calorie does not equal no flavour or tiny portions. Their towering 700mL green tea based fruit teas will keep you sipping sweetly all through office meetings or lectures, and even their cream cheese topped teas come in at just over 100 calories!
Tasting like a light liquid cheesecake, TMix’s cream cheese topped fruit teas are absolutely delicious, and a totally doable treat for those keeping track of their intake. With familiar flavours like strawberry and blueberry available, as well as more exotic flavours like dragonfruit and chrysanthemum rose oolong, these rich and creamy teas will definitely give you an afternoon boost. Who doesn’t love a sweet treat without the guilt?!
But if you prefer something simple and refreshing, their fruit teas without cream cheese are just as decadently delicious, and with the weather warming up as we come into spring, their deluxe fruit tea and iced crush chiller ranges will keep you cool and hydrated without any creamy heaviness. And with plenty of optional toppings, like grass jelly, aloe vera jelly, and a black pearls, their teas are totally customisable and can be made uniquely you.
TMix also have you covered for cheat day indulgences with their range of bespoke luxe donuts. Their donut selection changes from day to day, but flavours like triple chocolate, Nutella, Thai milk tea, matcha, and rose have been stand out favourites so far. Light and fluffy, but packing plenty of flavour punch, their donuts are a haute and delicious alternative to the casual white paper bag donuts we’re used to scoffing on our tea break – and they won’t break the bank.
While TMix does have limited seating, their fast paced service is definitely suited to the grab-it-and-go crowd and will be the perfect afternoon pick me up whether you’re in the mood for something indulgent or guilt free!