The Pie Shop opens in East Brunswick

Eat, Melbourne / 3 July 2017

You can have your pie and eat it too at The Pie Shop.

When you step into the small shop front on Nicholson Street in East Brunswick, The Pie Shop will have you reminiscing. Memories of afternoons at Auntie Maggie’s and the scent of freshly baked pies will tickle your nostrils. Gaze around and you will see pies cooling by an open window, an assortment of mixing bowls, giant slabs of butter and cabinets full of the ‘Hot Stuff’ – aka delicious pies.
the pie shop interior
Matt Wilkinson (Vue De Monde, Circa, Pope Joan) and Steve Rogers (Circa, Movida) are whipping up your not-so-average pies, focusing on the use of fresh produce.
Having been open for just over a month, The Pie Shop is already a new hot spot in the area. Don’t be surprised to find a line out the door on a Saturday morning. Be sure to get in quick though, as it is not uncommon for the 250 pies to be sold out before closing time.
the pie shop steve rogers
The menu is small with rotating specials. You will be amused by the quirky name given to each pie that is prepared in the Pope Joan kitchen next door. The pastry chefs are at it by 6:30 am to get these goodies ready for our expectant bellies.
the pie shop savoury pies
‘The Shazza’ features caramalised onion and cauliflour cheese. Perfectly creamy and encased in a fragile, buttery pastry, each mouthful is worth savouring.
For something hearty, try ‘The Bruce’, comprising a deliciously intense spag bol, just like nonna would make it. The sauce is rich, cooked for hours and is suggestive of a traditional family recipe.
‘The Allen’, with chunky beef and veg is a popular classic if you appreciate more rudimentary fare.
Other savoury pie fillings include ‘The Daryl’ with curried Turkey and ‘The Clancy’ with pumpkin, chard and haloumi.
If you’re still hungry, grab a side of chips, dim sims or a ‘Little Bruce’, then make your way to the small back courtyard and tuck in.
the pie shop courtyard
The Pie Shop looks after the sweet tooths too. The fruit pie, with strawberry and balsamic glaze and served with cream is a must try. The jam-like filling with chunks of strawberry is rich and intense in flavour.
the pie shop fruit pie slice
For a weekend lunch at home, grab a family pie; your fastidious visitors will be none the wiser as they feast at the table.
As much as I love a Four’N Twenty, on this occasion I choose to eat humble pie – the Pie Shop takes pies to the next level.
With the cooler weather upon us, a hot pie and coffee from The Pie Shop should be on your Saturday agenda. And if you’re anything like me, you will watch pie tray after pie tray come out of the oven and covet the pies of fellow diners, with FOMO convincing you to come back to try everything on the menu.
75 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick
Open Monday-Saturday 11am-3pm