The epic Ishizuka bento box that’s more a piece of art that a takeaway lunch

Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 30 April 2019

Ishizuka has launched an epic limited edition bento box and there’s only one available each day

Fine dining is a delicious and decadent experience, but sometimes you crave a high end culinary experience in the privacy and intimacy of your own home. Enter the limited edition bento box from Ishizuka that’s so luxurious and exclusive, they only make one a day.
Made from the highest-grade Japanese produce and sourced from the fish markets of Tokyo, award-winning Melbourne kaiseki restaurant Ishizuka has created a dining experience that has its roots in Japanese royalty.
Each element and layer of the bento will take you on a journey through the refined tastes of Japan,  which is designed to accommodate two to three people, unpacking a luxurious Japanese dining experience that you can indulge in within the comfort of you own home.
Kaiseki  was traditionally presented to the royal noble classes. The main philosophy of this style of cuisine is to convey respect and Japanese unique approach to hospitality  – or ‘omotenashi’ as it’s known as in Japan – through intricate multi-courses that incorporate the flavour spectrum of Japanese dining. This means Head Chef ​Hitoshi Miyazawa​’s cuisine is meticulously prepared and exquisitely served, guiding diners on a journey through time, place and season.

A secret within Melbourne’s city centre with an intimate subterranean restaurant space, I​shizuka​ offers a refined kaiseki experience that reflects the the very best of of Japanese dining.

The restaurant was awarded two hats at the 2019 G​ood Food Guide Awards​. And the restaurant’s architecture and design (by design practice Russell & George) secured a place in the International Winner category in the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in London as well as myriad other accolades that honour the outstanding design.

Will you be the one person to secure today’s one and only Ishizuka bento box? If so, we’re free for lunch…