A Theatrical Choose Your Own Adventure: Love Lust Lost

Melbourne, Play / 15 August 2023

Join the Adventure

Love Lust Lost invites you to descend into a shimmering subterranean world. Here, an epic theatrical playground awaits. It’s a choose-your-own experience, an enigma, a quest, and above all, enthralling.

Love Lust Lost

The Experience

Wander through 1900 sq. metres across three floors, including a ship’s brig, discoverable after solving a series of escape room-style puzzles. Explore 2kms of real plumbing pipe and uncover buckets catching water from the ‘leaking’ ship.

Immersive Set

Encounter an incredible set, including more than 40 intricately designed spaces in an abandoned theatre. Immerse yourself fully in this subterranean world, where mystery and luminescent splendour await.

The Story and Characters

Embark upon a strange craft, helmed by the mysterious Captain. Discover a seductive and decadent underworld filled with lost souls and thrilling adventure. Will you uncover the mysteries of the deep and the Captain’s mind?

For both theatre aficionados and newcomers alike, Love Lust Lost offers a vibrant playground that’s rich in emotion and filled with surprises. The characters are compelling, infused with humour, excitement, and passion, ready to take you on a ride where you’ll jump with surprise, laugh with delight, and maybe even shed a tear. With each step into this vast subterranean world, new experiences unfold, ensuring that no two journeys through the performance are the same. From dramatic confrontations to intimate encounters, Love Lust Lost crafts a theatrical adventure that’s accessible to all and promises a fresh, unique experience every time. Whether you’re a seasoned theatre-goer or exploring this art form for the first time, this immersive show beckons with promises of wonder and excitement that are hard to resist.

Creatives Behind Love Lust Lost

Conceived by a team of over 100 creatives, this performance spectacle features aerial circus, music, and intimate theatre. It is performed in 40 designed spaces, making it Melbourne’s most expansive immersive theatre show.

  • Kirsten Siddle: Creator, Creative Director, Co-Writer. Known for her innovative creations and audience-centred experiences.
  • Scott Maidment: Stage Director. A powerhouse creator with an impressive international reputation.
  • Mike Finch: Head of Design. Former Artistic Director of Circus Oz and a prominent figure in the Australian performing arts scene.
  • Mik Lavage: Original Musical Arrangements and Technical Manager. An acclaimed composer with a diverse portfolio.

Additional Details

  • Age Requirement: You must be aged 15+ to attend. If you’re 15-17 years, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Themes: The performance involves adult themes, nudity, coarse language, alcohol use, simulated drug use, strobe, and haze effects.
  • Duration: 75-90 minutes – choose your own adventure, explore at your own pace.
  • Venue: The Austral


Love Lust Lost presents a unique and immersive experience that promises to captivate and challenge its audience. Whether by following the intriguing characters or charting your own course, the adventure is yours to shape. Secure your tickets here and dive into the unknown. Will you brave the journey?