Seoulja Boy Restaurant, Melbourne

Melbourne / 6 June 2017

Get your crank on at the funky Seoulja Boy Restaurant with Korean fusion tapas.

Not to be confused with the 2007 hit “Crank dat (Soulja Boy)”, Seoulja Boy Restaurant brings a funky and modern dining experience to Melbourne’s CBD.
At just six months old, Seoulja Boy is already hitting high notes. Mix Korean cuisine and American BBQ, add a generous serving of hip hop culture and you have a very unique and cool venue.
As I step into Seoulja Boy, I feel as though I’ve entered a bar or nightclub. With hip hop beats rhythmically pulsating in the background, the warehouse interior features high ceilings, fluorescent signs, a well-stocked bar and DJ booth.
seoulja boy restaurant fluorescent sign
Perching at a large group table with my posse, I immediately face the difficult decision of choosing a cocktail with their “Greatest Hits” cocktails featuring Korean liquors makgeolli and soju.
Landing on the “Shawty”, which is made with strawberry, lychee, vanilla, makgeolli and soju, I’m very happy with my decision. This tipple is extremely refreshing and is like drinking an adult slurpee. Other popular choices are the “Long Peach Ice Tea” and the “Ghetto Expresso”. There are also a range of Korean and Japanese beers and sake to quench your thirst. Make sure you take advantage of happy hour from 10pm until late.
seoulja boy restuarant cocktails
The menu at Seoulja Boy has been recently revamped and is conveniently divided into Anju (Korean tapas and drinking food), Korean BBQ, grilled skewers, fresh off the boat (sliced raw fish with sake or soju), solo eats and sweets to finish. If you’re a vacillator who can’t decide, a $39 per person “Feed Me” option is available, leaving all the hard decisions to the chef. Either way, the menu is perfect for sharing, or for those who want to try a bit of everything (like me).
The Tuna Tataki and Kingfish ceviche are must-haves for sashimi lovers. Beautifully fresh fish is paired perfectly with the right amount of dressings and toppings, including delicate fish roe.
seoulja boy restaurant tuna tataki
The quirky Kimbap taco features impeccably cooked poached salmon and kimchi on a bed of kimbap rice. Encased in a crisp rice cracker taco, this is a modern yet tasty take on your typical taco.
seoulja boy restaurant kimbap taco
Vegetarians, do not despair. The enormous tempura tofu with a spicy sauce literally melts in your mouth. Served with a daikon salad and thick-cut crumbed eggplant chips, which are faultlessly crisp on the outside and generously topped with cheese and spice, this dish is dope.
seoulja boy restuarant tempura tofu
seoulja boy restaurant eggplant chips
As an avid carnivore, the mere mention of baby back ribs produced the expected Pavlovian response by making me salivate. Twice-cooked with a sticky glaze and served with a side of chips, this dish is get-your-hands-dirty fare and is as good as it sounds. Equally delectable are the Korean buffalo wings accompanied with a hot sauce and cheese dip.
seoulja boy restaurant baby back ribs
For those who want to keep their hands clean, the Kkochi platter consisting of skewered scallops, soy glazed chicken, spicy chicken, chicken skin, rice cakes and cherry tomatoes is a flavour sensation.
seoulja boy restaurant kkochi platter
The bangin’ Sakura Salmon, covered in ginger-miso, flakes away perfectly and is ‘no diggity’ worth ordering.
seoulja boy restaurant sakura salmon
The kimchi chicken bao, filled with crunchy fried chicken, pickled onions and oozing kimchi mayo immediately needed to get into my grill.
seoulja boy restaurant kimchi chicken bao
Another opportunity to get ‘down and dirty’ is with the BBQ spicy pork (mild or spicy), which you can stuff into pancake wraps and top with vegetables.
seoulja boy restaurant bbq spicy pork
Although I was completely full after all the amazing food, perusal of the dessert options was a revelation with enticing black rice pudding and a lemon cheese cake.
seoulja boy restaurant flatlay
Seoulja Boy is perfect with a group with its sharing style menu. So grab your crew, enjoy some delicious food and beverages, and listen to some cool beats. Undoubtedly you’ll leave Seoulja Boy wanting to hit Melbourne’s nightlife and bust a move – I know I did.
Seoulja Boy Restaurant
9/108 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Open Sunday-Wednesday 11:30am-10pm, Thursday 11:30am-11pm, Friday-Saturday 11:30am-midnight
(03) 96542371