Seedlip – What to drink when you're not drinking.

Bars, Drink, Melbourne / 4 August 2018

Why wait until next Dry July to enjoy no and low alcohol cocktails when Seedlip is here.

Unless you’re a teetotaller, serving as the designated driver for a night out with friends is never a service one aspires to perform. The thought of mechanically sipping your soda water or soft drink while your friends enjoy delicious alcoholic cocktails is enough to make you want to stay home instead. But now you can be on equal terms with your drinking pals because Seedlip is here.
Thanks to Seedlip, the arrival of distilled no alcohol spirits in Australia transforms a sober night out into a gregarious one. Some might argue “what’s the point”, but it’s all about enjoying the emphasis on a drink’s flavour and ingredients rather than alcohol content.
seedlip-no groni
Using a copper still in his kitchen located in the woods, founder Ben Branson launched Seedlip as the world’s first non-alcohol spirit in 2015, taking inspiration from The Art of Distillation which was published in 1651!
Using a range of herbs, spices, peels and barks, it takes six weeks to make this spirit. The process involves bespoke maceration, copper pot distillation, blending and filtration for each individual ingredient. Being sugar-free, sweetener-free and containing zero calories is an added bonus for those who are health conscious.
On 24 and 25 July, a “no and low” cocktail bar concept (Nolo) was launched, when some of the best bars in 16 cities worldwide served up both no and low alcohol beverages featuring Seedlip. The popular cocktail bar Black Pearl in Fitzroy was one of the chosen elite.
Ideally, Seedlip shows off its finest when served with tonic or soda. But, as Black Pearl demonstrates, it is also a most suitable addition to a cocktail.
Try the Buck Wild, with Seedlip Garden, ginger, turmeric and spritz. The herbal blend of hand-picked peas and traditional garden herb distillates combined with turmeric gives this beverage a refreshing scent and taste.
seedlip buck wild
For something classic, you can’t go wrong with the No-Groni, featuring Seedlip Spice, chinotto and kid’s red.
To enjoy the best of both worlds, the Walking Dead combines Seedlip Garden and Spice, honey cream, fennel, coconut and zombie mix. Unlike typical zombie cocktails, this tipple won’t leave you zonked and ending up walking like the undead.
Next time you hit the town, keep your eyes peeled for Seedlip, which will gradually roll out at more Melbourne drinking holes. Its availability as an alternative beverage accomplishes the task of bringing together drinkers and non-drinkers in an inclusive night of socialising. And you can be sure you won’t be suffering those dreaded Sunday hangovers.
Seedlip is available for purchase online or from Dan Murphys for $49.99 per 700 mL bottle. If you want to put your cocktail making skills to the test, check out the recipes online here.