Eat Drink Play with Sean Baxter, Co-founder of Oyster Shell Gin

/ 20 October 2023


Today we delve into the captivating world of Never Never Distilling Co., as brought to life by co-founder Sean Baxter. With a focus on their stellar Oyster Shell Gin, Baxter guides us behind the scenes, illuminating how this remarkable spirit captures the very essence of Australia’s coastline. This gin transcends the ordinary, offering a multi-sensory experience that seamlessly integrates into your ‘Eat, Drink, Play’ lifestyle.

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Oyster Shell Gin

Oyster Shell Gin is a celebration of the South Australian coastline. With oyster Shell from Kangaroo Island, Wakame from Tasmania, and local olearia, saltbush, wax flower and marsh grapefruit, Oyster Shell Gin is a complex combination of classic coastal character. It was built as a collaboration with Society Restaurant in Melbourne and features heavily on their martini menu.


This gin was built to complement fresh oysters straight from the shell. We prefer them natural but a classic mignonette dressing always works well to cut through the salt and brine. All you need to do is pop a bottle of Oyster Shell Gin in the freezer until it’s ice cold and then pour a splash into the empty shell of the oyster right after you have consumed it and drink straight away while the gin is still freezing. It’s the perfect complement to the briny flavour of the natural oyster that is left in the shell.


Oyster Shell gin was made for exceptional martini experiences but we love that some creative bartenders have been using this gin in place of tequila in classic tequila cocktails. The bright herbaceous notes and citrus aromas work brilliantly in a Tommy’s Margarita or Paloma cocktail instead of tequila. Add a splash of Oyster Shell gin and jalapeño pickle brine to a classic margarita and you’ve got a cracking twisted Spicy Marg without all the headaches associated with cheap mixto tequila.


In a country surrounded by water, Oyster Shell Gin is the perfect complement to a day by the beach, bay or billabong. Create a coastal lime gin and tonic with Oyster Shell Gin, tonic, fresh lime and lime leaf with just a pinch of salt. The ideal occasion is sharing one with friends with a double helping of fish and chips and a bucket of cold prawns.


Our chat with Sean Baxter opened our eyes to the artistry and care behind this gin. This isn’t just alcohol in a bottle. It’s a complete coastal experience, from the first smell to the last sip. Whether you prefer it neat, in a martini, or paired with oysters, this gin is set to enhance your summer.