Ghost Donkey Makes Waves in Melbourne’s Mezcal Scene

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 20 October 2023

A Big Apple Original in Melbourne

Ghost Donkey, New York’s popular mezcal and Mexican bar, makes its Australian entrance at Crown Melbourne. After taking Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, and New Zealand by storm, Ghost Donkey now brings its Mexican charisma to Melbourne.

Crown Melbourne Chimes In

Crown Melbourne’s CEO, Mike Volkert, was enthusiastic. He stated Ghost Donkey would introduce a distinct energy into Melbourne’s diverse food and drink milieu. Crown Melbourne, known for its wide array of dining options, continually adds fresh pop-ups to its roster. Ghost Donkey is the latest, and it promises to be intriguing.

In the Glass

Expect more than 35 types of mezcals and tequilas at Ghost Donkey. The spirits come in handmade copitas or chic shot glasses. Additionally, each serving comes with fresh seasonal fruit and unique salts. This makes for a genuine Mexican drinking ritual.

Beyond the Drink

The food menu holds its own. Rooted in Mexican tradition, it offers guacamole, salsas, tacos, and nachos. The dishes come with a creative flair, such as Baja kingfish tacos and mole chicken soft-shell tacos. For the nacho fans, get ready for original toppings like wild mushroom and poblano salsa or chorizo with pickled red onion.

A Sip to Remember

Don’t overlook the signature cocktail, El Burro Fantasma. Served in a custom donkey cup, this eye-catching blend consists of mezcal, Aperol, agave, lime, pink grapefruit, and a dash of chilli.

Behind the Name

The moniker refers to the unsung heroes of mezcal production—workhorses. They represent the blend of tradition and whimsical design that sets them apart.

In short, whether you’re an experienced mezcal lover or a newbie, Ghost Donkey promises a unique blend of New York flair and Mexican tradition in Melbourne’s thriving bar scene.