Royal Stacks meets Stix, Melbourne

Eat, Melbourne / 19 March 2018

Eat like a king at Royal Stacks and satisfy all your cravings thanks to the latest collaboration with cheesecake queens, Stix

With so many burger joints popping up around Melbourne, the dilemma of where to venture for that much needed burger fix may sometimes be a difficult one. Considerations include whether your belly desires an over the top American-style burger with every addition you could possibly think of, or a simple traditional beef burger. Your predicament is resolved on a visit to Royal Stacks.
A visit to this regal burger venue is an occasion which will impress as much as the impending Royal wedding. A diverse burger menu and recent union with Stix will have you saying “I do”. With juicy burgers and sweet frozen cheesecakes, it’s most definitely a match made in heaven.
Royal Stacks Stix Cheesecakes
Waltz into the warehouse style venue on Collins Street and prepare yourself for what’s to come. Here, you won’t be a commoner having to watch the Royal parade from the sidelines. With cool beats in the background, fluorescent signs and projectors displaying animated images of burgers, the scene is set for a casual and fun dining experience.
Royal Stacks Burgers Sign
The extensive range of burgers will no doubt make you want to come back to try them all. Carefully studying the menu for a few minutes, my friend and I opted for the staff recommendations of Prince Harry and Joey Babers. Prince Harry delights you with a beef patty, butter lettuce, American cheddar, swiss cheese, and a horseradish, shallot and gherkin mayo sauce. Joey Babers will be handed up on a silver platter with a beef patty, swiss cheese, truffle mayo and a mac and cheese croquette. How could you say no?
Royal Stacks Joey Babers
A range of other delicious burgers include lashings of cheesy sauce, chicken or chickpea patties, bacon and pickled jalapenos. Add a side of fries, gems or onion rings, with cheese or chilli beef cheese toppings if you dare, and your belly will be replete. A range of drinks include beers, ciders, soft drinks and milkshakes.
To top your Royal Stacks experience, you can’t leave without dessert in the form of a frozen cheesecake, thanks to Stix. With a variety of flavours available including Golden Gaytime, oreo crumble, hazelnut crunch and caramel biscuit, it is the perfect ending to your burgers and dessert experience. And you won’t even need to get your hands dirty since the entire cheesecake is on a stick.
Royal Stacks Stix
After devouring the oreo crumble, generously covered in cookie crumb, drizzled in chocolate sauce and crowned with an oreo cookie, it was safe to say that I had eaten like a king.
With Royal Stacks’ convenient locations on Collins Street in Melbourne and Sydney Road in Brunswick, this latest partnership with Stix is one worth celebrating.
Royal Stacks
470 Collins Street, Melbourne
1/800 Sydney Road, Brunswick