Ricotta Festival Melbourne 2024: Indulge in Cheese Delights and Family Entertainment

Cool Sh*t, Drink, Eat, Play / 6 March 2024

Celebrate Ricotta at That’s Amore Cheese

That’s Amore Cheese is hosting the Ricotta Festival Melbourne on Sunday, 17th March 2024, in Thomastown. This event, dedicated exclusively to ricotta, is a perfect outing for food lovers and families alike, featuring an array of food, drinks, and entertainment.

A Gastronomic Journey Awaits

Upon entry, visitors are greeted with hot ricotta, setting the tone for a day filled with delicious Italian fare. The festival showcases a variety of stalls, from That’s Amore Cheese’s own specialties to offerings from Little Naples Pizzeria and Puopolo Artisan Salumi, serving up dishes like succulent porchetta rolls, authentic woodfire pizza, and more.

Additionally, drink enthusiasts will find a selection of Italian wines, craft beers, and artisanal spirits. Not to mention, coffee lovers can enjoy barista-prepared coffees, ensuring there’s a beverage for every taste.

Interactive Cooking Demonstrations

Moreover, the festival introduces an exciting stage for demonstrations and masterclasses. Esteemed chefs, including Guy Grossi, will be on hand to teach their culinary techniques. This presents a fantastic opportunity for attendees to gain insight into the art of Italian cooking.

Entertainment for All

Besides the food and learning experiences, the festival boasts a lineup of live music, traditional dance performances, and DJ sets. Children will be thrilled with activities such as petting zoos, face painting, and play centres, making it a day of joy for everyone.

Take Italy Home

The Local Marketplace is a treasure trove for those looking to bring home a piece of Italy. Here, you can purchase a variety of Italian goods, from artisan cheeses to gourmet condiments. This allows the flavours of the festival to linger even after the event ends.

Tickets are $15, with free admission for children under 12. For more details, visit That’s Amore Cheese. The Ricotta Festival Melbourne offers an immersive experience into Italian culture and cuisine, promising a day of enjoyment and discovery for attendees of all ages.