A Journey Through Genius: Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus Arrives in Melbourne

Melbourne, Play / 6 March 2024

Melbourne is on the cusp of a monumental event that will enthral Australians. For the first time, Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus lands down under. This historic arrival is courtesy of THE LUME Melbourne, beginning March 16.

Unveiling the Renaissance Master’s Legacy

THE LUME Melbourne is transforming museum visits into immersive experiences. The introduction of the Codex Atlanticus takes this to a whole new level. Guests will step back into the Renaissance, seeing da Vinci’s inventions and the world’s only exact 360┬║ Mona Lisa replica, all through state-of-the-art technology.


A Journey Through Leonardo’s Life

Attendees will traverse historic scenes, from Florence to Amboise, where Leonardo ended his days. This voyage not only highlights his artistic prowess but also his scientific contributions. Here, his ceaseless curiosity and pursuit of knowledge shine through.

Insight into da Vinci’s Mind

The Codex Atlanticus, Leonardo’s most extensive work collection, offers a peek into the mind of a genius. Covering architecture to hydraulics, these pages underscore Leonardo’s forward-thinking mind.

Dedication Meets Innovation

Securing the Codex pages was a decade-long endeavour, showcasing the determination of Grande Experiences, creators of THE LUME. Their efforts make it possible for Australians to explore da Vinci’s brilliance in a unique setting.

Join the Renaissance Journey

Hosted at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, this exhibition is a must-see. Starting from $49.90, it invites visitors to delve into Leonardo’s impactful legacy. For tickets, head to www.thelumemelbourne.com.

With the Codex Atlanticus in Melbourne, THE LUME Melbourne is set to offer a transformative experience. It not only celebrates da Vinci’s Renaissance era contributions but also sparks reflections on human creativity and innovation’s boundless potential.