Remedy Kombucha Arrives at Hawker Hall

Melbourne / 19 June 2017

Remedy Kombucha cocktails and hip hop yoga feature in Hawker Hall’s vegetarian themed menu. 

The idea of a fermented tea containing a colony of yeast and bacteria doesn’t have the most appetising ring to it, so the first time I heard how kombucha was made, I turned my nose up at it. Fast-forward many medical studies and naturopathic testimonials later, and kombucha has completely redefined its reputation. It’s now recognised as a powerful superfood with tremendous gut healing benefits and I’ve seen it in a new light.  And luckily for the foodies of Melbourne, Chapel Street’s Hawker Hall has introduced Remedy Kombucha to their June menu.
As a part of their festival series, Hawker Hall chooses a theme every second month based on the background of each of their chefs. June is devoted to vegan and vegetarian feasting with a “Buddha’s Belly” menu to  Throughout the month of June, visitors can order any of Remedy Kombucha’s five flavours: Original, Ginger Lemon, Apple Crisp, Hibiscus Kiss, or Raspberry Lemonade.
And to mix things up, they’re also offering two different kombucha cocktails – talk about guilt-free drinking! Choose from either the Kombucha Caiprinha Cocktail, with Sagatiba Pure Cachaca, lime, and Remedy Raspberry Lemonade, or the Whisky Remedy Cocktail, with Ballantines 12yo Whisky, ginger, lemon, agave nectar and Remedy Ginger Lemon.
To pair with the cocktails, Hawker Hall has a special Buddha’s Belly menu with – rather fittingly – a Buddha bowl featured on it. The nutrient rich dish consists of brown rice, tofu, sweet potato, chickpeas, green beans, tomato, peas, and coconut sambal.
To top off the wholesome fun, Hawker Hall will be hosting a Hip Hop Yoga Class on the 24th of June. From 9:15am until noon, DJ Prequel will be providing the beats for an unconventional yoga session. A $49 ticket gets you the yoga class followed by a four course vego feast with Remedy Kombucha cocktails and mocktails. If this is clean living, I’m in!
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Hawker Hall
98 Chapel Street, Windsor
Mon- Sun 11am-late