Mud Crabs: Melbourne’s Spice Temple Unveils A Seasonal Treat

Eat, Melbourne / 11 October 2023
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Mud Crabs: Melbourne’s Spice Temple Unveils A Seasonal Treat

Eat, Melbourne / 11 October 2023

Melbourne’s culinary scene never ceases to impress, and the latest buzz resonates from the corridors of the chic Spice Temple.

This modern Chinese restaurant has turned the tables, offering a delightful seafood spectacle, and the main star? The illustrious ‘Muddies’ AKA Mud Crabs, a native Australian delight.


An Ode to Queensland’s Waters

Hailing from the pristine estuaries of Queensland, these Mud Crabs await their metamorphosis in the adept hands of Spice Temple’s chefs. The crabs, fresh and robust, soon find themselves draped in an ensemble of authentic Chinese sauces. As summer festivities draw near, the restaurant presents a tempting proposition: these sumptuous Mud Crab creations are available for just $99 until the year’s close. Suddenly, every festive spread seems incomplete without them.

Crafting The Perfect Dish

It’s not merely about the ingredient but the craftsmanship. Executive Chef Andy Evans champions this philosophy. The choice of steaming preserves the crabs’ innate sweetness and delicate texture, a testament to Evans’ culinary foresight. Yet, the true masterstroke lies in the diverse sauce selections. From the racy medley of four chillies to the zesty play of Ginger & Shallot, each promises a unique twist, making every bite an adventure.

A Glimpse Beyond

While Mud Crabs bask in the limelight, Spice Temple’s marine odyssey extends its narrative. Patrons can anticipate the arrival of the Blue Swimmer Crabs and Snow Crabs as the season matures. And for those who adore variety, the frequently updated live tanks showcase marine marvels like lobsters and pipis, all poised to be paired with the house’s signature sauces.

Andy Evans muses, “The magic of a dish lies not just in its core ingredient but its presentation. Mud Crabs are a luxury, yes, but the real joy is making it accessible and appealing to both the connoisseur and the curious diner.”

For the unacquainted, consider this your engraved invitation to a gastronomic affair. And for those well-versed with the allure of Mud Crabs, perhaps it’s time to revisit and challenge your palate once more.


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