Piccolina Gelateria Lamington gelato cake

Eat, Melbourne / 22 January 2018

Collingwood gelato legends Piccolina Gelateria have created a limited edition Lamington gelato cake and it’s amazing!

Once a year a day rolls around where the whole country gets a day off work, Aussie music is blasted from radios and snags sizzle on barbies in back yards across Melbourne. And this Australia Day, there’s only one thing better than tucking into freshly baked Lamingtons and that’s devouring a slice of Lamington Log gelato cake from Piccolina Gelateria. You read it right: Lamington. Log. Gelato. Cake.
This one-of-a-kind Lamington Log is a hybrid of gelato and cake, with layers of traditional sponge cake, 100% natural crema gelato and strawberry jam smothered in dark chocolate and generously sprinkled with coconut. It’s so good, you’ll be doing Angus Young guitar impressions across the back yard once you’ve tasted it!
Piccolina Gelateria Lamington
Get your hands on one of these true blue treats at Piccolina Gelateria in Collingwood or Hawthorn. They come in a mono portion for two people (or just for you, all to yourself if you like) or a full log which serves up to 14 people – perfect if you’re hosting this year’s Australia Day party. Be the hero of the day and bring the log home for your people.
Piccolina Gelateria have earned themselves go-to status with Collingwood and Hawthorn locals for serving traditional gelato the way nonna makes it. Their reputation has even gone global with the British queen of cooking Nigella Lawson popping in for a salted caramel cone last week. Deadset legends!
Piccolina Gelateria
296 Smith Street,
12pm – 11.30pm
802 Glenferrie Road,
12pm – 10.30pm