Dining in the Dark Arrives to Chapel Street

Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 22 January 2018

Take a sensory journey like no other from the comfort of your dinner table at this dining in the dark experience.

The concept of dining in the dark certainly isn’t new, with several countries across the globe adopting this innovative idea, including London, Barcelona, Saint Petersburg, Madrid and Auckland. Now, it’s Melbourne’s turn, with the Dans le Noir? restaurant (meaning ‘in the dark’ in French) opening on January 19th.
Setting up at the Como Melbourne MGallery by Sofitel on Chapel Street, Dans le Noir? is offering its customers a unique sensory and human experience by wining and dining in complete darkness, guided and served by either visually impaired or blind staff.
dining in the dark
The idea is that by dining in complete darkness, your remaining senses are heightened, allowing you to completely reevaluate your perception of taste and smell.
From start to finish this dining experience will leave you asking questions in all the right ways. You won’t know what you’re going to eat, with Head Chef of Dans le Noir? creating three surprise courses. This doesn’t mean you’re left totally lacking control though. You can opt for one of three menus.
The Feed Me Chef menu is designed for those who are ready to trust completely the chef (trust us you have to trust him). If you’re more of a seafood lover, you can alternatively opt for the Fishermans Cove. The third available menu is the Seasoned Vegan, because yes, they think of you too (and the entire menu is gluten-free too!).
With mobile phones banned (for obvious reasons), not only does dining in the dark allow you to enter a hyper-sensory world, it offers a social experience where you’re forced to put the phone down, temporarily disconnect from the digital world and forge connections with your fellow diners. Sign us up.
Dinner will be available Thursday through to Sundays, with three mystery menus to choose from. The experience costs $95 a head, or $125 with matching wines.
Dans Le Noir?
Where: Como Melbourne, MGallery by Sofitel
When: 19th January 2018 (Keep an eye on the website for more info)
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