Get Whisked Away At This Indian Whisky Dinner At INDU

Drink, Melbourne, Restaurants / 1 May 2023

On Wednesday, 24th May, Melbourne’s food and whisky enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to experience an extraordinary event: the Paul John Whisky Dinner. This captivating evening celebrates the premium single malt whiskies of India’s renowned Paul John brand, distilled in Goa and known for their exceptional quality and distinctive flavours. The event showcases these whiskies in a perfectly paired gourmet dinner, inviting guests to indulge in a taste of India’s finest.


Over the course of three hours, guests will be treated to a warm welcome cocktail, followed by a four-course menu crafted by Head Chef Mark Krueger. This gastronomic adventure is complemented by five exquisite expressions of Paul John whisky, immersing attendees in a delightful fusion of flavour and tradition.

The set menu starts with a refreshing Paul John Nirvana cocktail, followed by Pani Puri featuring aloo masala and a gin and mint dressing. The next course, a delightful combination of String Hoppers, kiri hodi, and coconut sambol, will transport guests to the lush landscapes of India.

The journey continues with Gin Cured Tuna, served with tonic gel, watermelon radish, and a tangy mango chutney. For the main course, guests will enjoy the mouth-watering Kerala Chicken Curry, enriched with coconut cream, chilli, and curry leaves. This dish is accompanied by an array of sides, including Kale Mallung Salad, Basmati Rice and Paratha, Pickle Acharu, Daal, and Papadums.

Finally, the meal concludes with two exotic desserts: Jackfruit Granita with coconut jelly and orange sorbet, and Wattalappam, a coconut, jaggery, cinnamon, and cardamom custard garnished with candied cashews.

The drinks menu showcases an impressive selection of Paul John whiskies, including Brilliance unpeated single malt, Edited single malt with a touch of peat, Bold peated single malt, and Cask Strength classic select cask single malt. To end the evening on a high note, guests will be treated to a surprise Single Malt whisky.

At $120 per person, this enchanting evening offers a four-course menu, a welcome cocktail, and five exceptional expressions of Paul John whiskies. So, prepare to be whisked away on a memorable journey of flavours, textures, and aromas in the heart of Melbourne, as the Paul John Whisky Dinner promises an unforgettable experience.