The Mese Del Negroni Story by Ovolo Hotels

Drink, Melbourne / 4 September 2023

A Toast to Global Flavours

September has something special in store for Negroni enthusiasts. Ovolo Hotels has teamed up with World’s Best Bars to offer Mese Del Negroni—a month-long event serving premium Negronis for $24 each.

A World Tour in a Glass

The best bartenders globally have crafted unique Negroni variants. From Athens’ The Clumsies to Bangkok’s Tropic City and Florence’s Locale Firenze, every Negroni on the list promises a sip of international culture.

What’s On the Menu?

  • #clumsienegroni by The Clumsies, Athens: A tribute to Greek herbs and aromas. Boozy but incredibly aromatic.
  • The Buccaneer’s Negroni by Baba Au Rum, Athens: Swaps gin for Guyanese soft rum. Topped with lime zest and tonka bean.
  • A Tropical Negroni by Tropic City, Bangkok: A marriage of pineapple and coconut that transports you straight to Thailand.
  • Himalayan Negroni by Side Car India, New Delhi: Uses Hapusa, a Himalayan gin that’s rich in local botanicals.
  • Brulée Negroni by The Wise King, Hong Kong: A Christmas-inspired blend of spiced gin, Americano Bianco, and a dash of chocolate.
  • Caterina’s Elixir by Locale Firenze, Florence: An Italian experience that pairs well with artichoke and wine.
  • Scorpius Negroni by Galaxy Bar, Dubai: A cocktail star with its unique twist.
  • Black Forest Negroni by 28 Hong Kong Street, Singapore: Inspired by Germany’s famous Black Forest Cake.

Where to Find Them

Find these captivating concoctions at various Ovolo locations including Lona Misa, Amphlett House, and Backroom Bar in Melbourne. Also, you can sip them at Alibi Bar & Dining in Sydney, Bar Kazba and ZA ZA TA in Brisbane, and Monster Kitchen & Bar in Canberra.

Don’t Miss Out

True Negroni lovers will want to sample each unique creation. So, mark your calendars and head to your nearest Ovolo to toast this September with the Mese Del Negroni event. Cheers!

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