Oriental Teahouse Hosts Dumplings for Dating

Melbourne / 13 February 2018
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Oriental Teahouse Hosts Dumplings for Dating

Melbourne / 13 February 2018

Forget the boring dinner and movie! Play board games, eat dumplings and drink cocktails at Oriental Teahouse.

Whether you’re single and looking to mingle or with a long-term lover, Oriental Teahouse are inviting all statuses to their dumpling house this Valentines Day. This is no boring dinner and movie date, with both South Yarra and Melbourne eateries hosting Dumplings for Dating. 
It’s designed to steer couples through a table-sized ‘getting to know you’ board game over delicious yum cha items and cocktails. Kicking off on Valentine’s Day, couples new and old will be subject to the four stages of the game. It will start off easy with ice-breakers such as ‘what is your favourite dessert?’ before travelling towards those scarier questions about whether you want children and your top secret fantasies.
oriental teahouse
The game can also see a person forfeit their phone for five minutes if couples reach the final stage and select a ‘daredevil’ activity. As for the all important food and drinks? Well you can expect a three-course meal included in your adventure, alongside cocktails tailored specifically to the game. If you’ve eaten at Oriental Teahouse before, you’ll be excited to know that they will be dishing up signature items such as their chilli Wagyu beef dumplings and chocolate Wonka dumplings.
This cool concept isn’t exclusive to Valentines Day either, with Oriental Teahouse set to keep Dumplings for Dating around all year long.
Bookings are strongly recommended! To reserve your seats, click here

Dumplings for Dating
Where: 455 Chapel St, South Yarra – Everyday, except Sat & Sunday lunch (9826 0168)
378 Lt Collins St, Melbourne – Everyday, except Mon – Friday lunch (9600 4230)
When: Launching Valentine’s Day, Wednesday 14 February
Price: $60 per person