Unlimited Noodles For Saturday Lunch With New Quarter’s ‘Non-Stop Noods’

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 21 November 2023

Head to Richmond for Saturday lunch, because Commune Group’s New Quarter is serving up ‘Non-Stop Noods’.

'Non-Stop Noods'

This initiative by the Commune Group is reimagining weekend lunches. New Quarter, known for its stylish design and vibrant atmosphere, perfectly reflects the suburb’s dynamic spirit. Here, Saturdays are no longer just about dining; they’re about creating culinary adventures.

EAT: Non-Stop Noodles

The ‘Non-Stop Noods’ experience, at $49 per person, begins with a selection of starters. Choices range from tangy Pacific oysters to unique banh mi fingers, each a masterpiece of flavour. The highlight to the event is the unlimited noodle dishes, each distinct in its taste and presentation. There’s the delicate Cha Ca market fish vermicelli for those who favour subtle flavours, and the robust duck floss egg noodles for guests seeking a richer experience. Not to mention the spicy tiger prawn noodles, a dish that’s becoming a crowd favourite. Each serving is a chapter in Richmond’s evolving food narrative.

DRINK: Makrut Lime Margaritas

To accompany the noodles, New Quarter offers an unlimited drinks package for an extra $60. This includes large servings of Makrut lime margaritas, house beers, and a selection of wines. These beverages are carefully chosen to complement the noodle dishes, enhancing the overall dining experience.

PLAY: 2 Hours of Unlimited Fun

New Quarter’s setting, with its contemporary design and welcoming ambiance, is a reflection of Richmond itself. The space is lively and inviting, making it an ideal venue for this unique dining concept. It’s where the community comes together to celebrate Melbourne’s weekend food scene.

New Quarter’s ‘Non-Stop Noods’ is an experience that encapsulates the essence of Richmond’s weekend vibes. To join in this noodle celebration, visit New Quarter and follow their updates on Instagram @newquarter_.

Non-Stop Noods

Photography by Ashley Ludkin

Non-Stop Noods