Relax and Rejoice: Neighbourhood Wine’s Patio Aperitivo Unwinds Summer Evenings

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 30 November 2023

Neighbourhood Wine in Melbourne welcomes summer with ‘Patio Aperitivo’, a dazzling celebration of food, drinks, and the Australian festive spirit.

Patio Aperitivo embodies the European-influence of Melbourne’s wine bar culture, inviting everyone to relax and unwind, and to create a memorable neighbourhood summer.

EAT: Season’s Delights on Your Plate

Chef Almay Jordaan leads the culinary adventure with an array of inventive snacks. Each choice mirrors the season’s richness. Guests can indulge in Dunalley Bay natural pacific oysters, brought to life with a smoky soy vinaigrette. A spelt tart cleverly pairs raw tuna and kohlrabi, enriched by the delicate touch of mascarpone and elderflower. For a more robust flavour, try the Robbins Island wagyu with bone marrow on a crisp sourdough cracker, or the unique combination of honeydew melon and capocollo.

DRINK: A World of Flavours Awaits

Co-owner Simon Denman, a celebrated wine expert, oversees an impressive cellar with more than a thousand bottles. The standout cocktail menu includes the Fitzroy Northside, a refreshing mix of thyme syrup, mint, and citrus. The Venetian Spritz adds a fizzy twist with Prosecco, orange, and green olive. The innovative Sullied Martini, blending Four Pillars Gin, dry vermouth, olive, and Kampot pepper, offers a modern take on the classic.


PLAY: Embrace Patio Aperitivo Hour

‘Patio Aperitivo’, running from 4 to 6 pm, transforms each drink purchase on the terrace into an opportunity to sample complimentary snacks. This lively spot captures Melbourne’s laid-back mood. Guests relish exquisite food and drinks, while basking in warm summer evenings. A tribute to the city’s communal spirit and love for shared joy.

‘Patio Aperitivo’ at Neighbourhood Wine is a confluence of delightful tastes, communal experiences, and the vibrant energy of Melbourne’s summer. It’s an invitation to immerse oneself in the heart of the city’s dining scene, creating moments that linger long after summer fades.