La Madonna Appoints New Executive Chef Paul Turner

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 29 November 2023

La Madonna Restaurant & Bar, inside Next Hotel Melbourne, welcomes Paul Turner as its new Executive Chef.

A Melbourne native, Paul Turner brings expertise from top local spots like Donovan’s and Cutler & Co. He takes over from the legacy that Adrian Li and Danny Natoli left, ready to take La Madonna to the next level.

EAT: A Harmony of Old and New

Turner’s menu at La Madonna melds classic and modern tastes. Since its 2021 opening, the restaurant has stood out for its innovative style. Turner adds to this legacy with dishes for every palate.

La Madonna Paul Turner

Highlights include salt and vinegar zucchini fritto and the famed Aperol glazed duck. The menu also features Stracciatella with pepperonata, Wagyu bresaola, and creative options like pan-fried gnocchi with kimchi. Turner’s menu promises a diverse flavour journey, respecting tradition and embracing novelty.

DRINK: Barrel-aged Cocktails

Romain Le Quilleuc, previously at Doot Doot Doot at Jackalope, now oversees La Madonna’s bar. The wine list spotlights unique finds from local and global sustainable wineries.

The bar’s pride is the barrel-aged Negroni, exemplifying its commitment to unique concoctions. Each drink complements Turner’s diverse menu, adding to the dining experience.

PLAY: An Experience for All Senses

La Madonna is more than dining and drinking. It’s an experience for all senses. The venue, with its chic bar and dining area, showcases Melbourne’s rich food scene. Turner’s influence spreads to Ingresso café and The Club, ensuring a cohesive culinary journey.

Turner envisions La Madonna as a place of varied experiences – from a casual drink to a lavish meal. Each visit offers something both familiar and new.

La Madonna Paul Turner

The ‘Next’ Chapter at Next Hotel

Excitement surrounds Melbourne as the arrival of Paul Turner at La Madonna, marks a significant moment for the city food culture. His blend of classic and innovative approaches is set to keep the city’s food scene vibrant and evolving. La Madonna, under Turner’s guidance, is not just a dining venue; it’s a symbol of Melbourne’s dynamic and diverse gastronomic landscape.