Mr Brownie Rooftop Hotel Is South Melbourne’s New Multi-Level Pub, Deli & Bar

Bars, Drink, Melbourne, Pubs / 6 July 2020

Jessi Singh’s newest venue, Mr Brownie, brings an British-Indian Curry pub and rooftop bar to South Melbourne.

Whether you’re familiar with Jessi Singh by name of not, you’ll be familiar with his venues. In fact, the restauranteur is responsible for some of Melbourne’s most iconic dining rooms including Daughter in Law, Mrs Singh and Horn Please (and Sydney’s Don’t Tell Aunty restaurant). And now, Jessi has turned his attention to an exciting new project inside a four-story pub in the heart of South Melbourne.

The venue in question is Mr Brownie Rooftop Hotel the new British curry pub that opened to the public just last week on July 2nd 2020. The venue is undeniably a fun one, boasting multiple levels of velvet booths, rooftop bars, speakeasy cocktail lounges and beer gardens. In fact, you’ll also find a Punjabi-inspired deli, bottle shop, dancing lounge and so much more packed into this ambitious new venue.

Here the food breaks with traditional Aussie pub fare, serving up Jessi’s iconic no-rules Indian eats (such as naan pizza and nachos-like papadi chaat). Nab a seat in the 70-seat beer garden and wash down your feast with one of the venue’s 500 beers on the menu. Upstairs, you’ll find the dance lounge for cocktails and great music as well as the main pub area with more British-Indian eats to choose from.

For those looking for alfresco drinks and great views, head to the rooftop for delicious cocktails, DJ sets and even boozy brunch sittings on the weekends. Whilst the space isn’t operating at full capacity due to COVID-related restrictions (with just 20 patrons allowed in each space), it’s expected to be a bustling new spot for Melburnians to explore post-COVID.

Find Mr Brownie Rooftop Hotel at 343 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne, open daily from July 2nd. Find out more here.