Mooncake Ice Cream: A Creative Fusion by Aurum Poultry Co. and Kenny Lover

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne / 12 September 2023

Celebrating the Moon Festival in Melbourne

September ushers in a delicious twist this year. Thornbury’s local favourite, Kenny Lover, has collaborated with Aurum Poultry Co. for an ice cream flavour that celebrates the Moon Festival. It’s an occasion that illuminates the sky with the year’s brightest moon. While the festival is observed in various Asian countries and among ethnic Chinese in Australia, it’s perhaps best known for mooncakes: golden, delectable treats often gifted among loved ones.

Aurum Poultry Kenny Lover

The Limited-Edition Flavour: A Harmonious Blend

Crafted by Mike Baker, Kenny Lover’s owner and chef, the Mooncake ice cream doesn’t hold back. Baker mixes the sweetness of lotus seed paste and soft mooncake pastry into a creamy, duck-yolk ice cream base. The specialty duck yolk comes from Aurum Poultry Co.’s Moorabool Valley salted duck eggs. Baker reckons this quality adds an inviting richness that will please ice cream aficionados.

Kenny Lover: A Bit About the Ice Creamery

Located in Thornbury, Kenny Lover is no stranger to pushing flavour boundaries. Apart from their novel ice cream flavours, you’ll also find hot chips and small-batch sodas. The retro-inspired interior, complete with orange walls and velvet lounges, gives the place a unique vibe.

Aurum Poultry Co.: Where the Duck Yolk Comes From

Aurum Poultry Co. has been around since 1999, founded by Sam and Danny Wong. Over the years, they’ve become a go-to source for quality poultry, even breaking into the fine dining scene. Sustainability is a priority for them, evident from their focus on responsible farming practices to 100% recyclable, Australian-made packaging.

Don’t Miss Out: Available All September

The Mooncake ice cream will be available throughout September, coinciding with the Moon Festival on September 29. So, next time you’re in Thornbury, it’s worth making a pit stop at Kenny Lover. Grab a scoop or two; it’s a celebration in a cone!

Aurum Poultry Kenny Lover

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